Facebook is shutting down its speed dating service

File photo.  |  Credit: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration
File photo. | Credit: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Social networks constantly launch services on a trial basis to gauge their acceptance; however, this is done in a limited way, either in a region or with a specific age group, some of these services have a good hook and end up globally, but others only remain as experience. Such is the case of Sparked, the video speed dating service implemented by Facebook, which will close this January 20.

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team has decided not to continue with the project after nine months of being in beta, so users will have until the cutoff date to download their data before January 20, date on which user accounts will be deleted.

Sparked worked as a separate service from Facebook and facebookdating, although users needed an account of said social network to be able to enter. The experiment was a mix of Chatroulette and a dating app, allowing people from a certain area or demographic to chat and interact with a random person for four minutes, and, if they both wanted to spend more time together, they could schedule a second one. 10-minute date or exchange contact details, otherwise the app would move on to the next person.

Unlike Facebook Dating or Facebook Parejas, the service did not have public profiles, messages or filters, since the only available tool was video. “We started building Sparked in late 2020 to help people find love through an experience rooted in kindness. Since then, thanks to your contributions and regular comments, we have improved where we could, learned a lot and made connections between people, ”explained the social network in an email sent to the specialized media TechCrunch.

The dating service joins the list of discarded NPE projects, such as the Pinterest-style Facebook app called Hobbi or a very TikTok-like short video service dubbed Lasso, some other services still remain limited to some regions like other app for couples called Tuned and the collaborative music video app Collab, which also announced its scheduled closure for this March 12.

Instagram is working on a new way to view Stories

Instagram’s plans to look like TikTok go beyond prioritizing videos over image posts.

The social network appears to be testing a new way of viewing Stories, clearly inspired by the ByteDance app, that allows for vertical scrolling and skips carousel animations to the side.

Currently, users have two ways to scroll through Instagram Stories. On the one hand, at touch the edge of the screen, an action also allows viewing the different publications shared by the user. On the contrary, scrolling left (to go to the next account) or to the right (to go back).


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