Facebook Messenger is Now easier and Easier


User Messenger is now mandatory to register or log in with your account Facebook. To use while in the past, will be able to Messenger, new users need only enter their mobile number as a replacement account.

“When the new carry, Messenger, now you need to Facebook with an account to chat with your friends and connections,” said a spokesman for Facebook, quoted from Venture BeatSaturday (28/12/2019).

Further, the speaker reveals, the majority of people that carry Messenger already registered on Facebook, and now the company wants to simplify the process.

“If you were with the Messenger without an account Facebook, you need to do something,” said the spokesman.

A number of Messenger users that have been entered without an account Facebook report, will not be running this transition smoothly. This is probably due to bug so the users are still in the encounter of technical problems.