Facebook Simplifies the Design of the Messenger – iNews Portal


MENLO PARK, iNews.id For many years, the Messenger app is updated with new features and changes, or changes to the user interface. As a result, the Messenger app, many functions.

Lucky you, Facebook wants to reduce the ‘bFeban” that there is in the Messenger app. The app, designed to help users to communicate with each other, experience a slight re-design.

Facebook, remove, simplify, and lose certain features, the overall user experience. One of the changes is to remove the Discover tab.

While other features such as Instant-removed games, and the Transport from the chat composer utility tray. In the meantime, the chat bot is to be a part of the messenger was hidden, was quoted as saying Ubergizmo, Monday (2/3/2020).

Not to mention Facebook, the reason why you have made the change. But, a change allegedly made to help optimize the app and make it more simple as well as quickly, when used.

Apps, the is not to many functions important for the experience and not part of the core can potentially drive users away from it and look for other alternatives.

WhatsApp is actually a great example. Over the years the application continues to maintain the functionality of the core, while adding new features, the bottom-line.

Editor : Early Angela