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A young man contact lenses was a mixed reaction from thousands of fans, the famous singer Justin Bieber after sharing on Facebook a bunch of pictures of the masquerade ‘economic’ in that it’s made of the artist, and exnovio of Selena Gomez.

Well, the young man in the east has attempted to provide a ‘tribute’ to the popular singer of youth, I would imagine that with the budget that it would implement in order to make this cosplay it was not enough. For this reason, she applied all her talents to make a cover ‘the poor’. To his bad luck, the result has not been very well-received by fans of Justin Bieber, who has been involved in Facebook as “a disaster”.

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As you can see in the pictures that are shared on the upper part of this publication may be young, oriental, and he has shared a few pictures of the process, they had to do in order to be ‘identical’ with Justin Bieber-through the portal of Facebook, called ‘Lowcostcosplay’.

However, in spite of all the talent that he used this young lady to be able to be seen to be the spouse of the Selena Gomez the result was not to the liking of the ‘the believers’ for this he was severely criticized on Facebook and Instagram, social media, in which the cloak has been discussed.

The result of the kids ‘economic’ has been categorized as the most “unfortunate” on Facebook, the social network in which tens of thousands of people have come together to launch all kinds of criticism for the youngster, who gained notoriety outside of the cosplay budget. For elaborarlos usually some fruit, and objects that you find in your home and other items that you might find in a wine cellar.

The Lazy loaded component

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Want to see how it shines in the halloween ‘fail’ Justin Bieber, who has been just as controversial on Facebook? Check out the gallery, which is located in the upper part. All you have to do is slide the images, and you will see the unexpected result of this outfit.