Facebook you Remove the Discover Tab in Messenger so it’s Easier



MENLO PARK – The users of the Messenger app Facebook has been one of the applications that the number of users the most. To give for the sake, the best service, Facebook continues to innovate to Messenger.

Recently, the social media giant a little bit of changes to the service message was there, so that it is easier. Launch of the Website The VergeSunday (1/3/2020), a change that granted Facebook on the appearance of the next Messenger.

The company decided to remove the discover tab. The goal is that the application focus, in order to send a message.

In fact, prior to this have detected a change, Facebook has announce that he is in 2018, then. At that time, Facebook showed a desire, the Messenger easier.

With this change, he continued, Messenger users can use it only to send messages. It is no longer an element of business in it.

In the appearance of the angel, the discover tab is located on the right side. Are you looking for a business account. Sub-account is operated by a bot.