Factory-Assembler of the iPhone in China Back in operation


KOMPAS.com – After they closed since last February, the factory assemblers of the iPhone in China, Foxconn is back in operation. The closure of the factory some time ago, in connection with the distribution of the corona expands.

The news was according to the founder of Foxconn, Terry Gou Tai-ming. He said, in addition to the in China, the factory of Foxconn, which was in the territory of Vietnam back in operation.

Although they were back to normal, Terry said that still more time is required, the market stabilized conditions.

Terry actually worrying market conditions in the territory of the United States. He was worried that the people in the United States are not buy interested to smartphone in the midst of a pandemic of corona.

“In the United States, what we fear, is the state of the market. In addition, when the production is already more quickly, but consumers do not buy it. This is the thing that the key to economic recovery,” said Terry.

In addition to the territory of the United States, Terry also concerns about the supply chain for Japan and South Korea expressed. He also touched the issue of rising prices of components, RAM and display panel.

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With the return of the activity of the factory of Foxconn in the China region, it can be rejected to the improvement of the supply chain of Apple devices, had it since the plant closed some time ago.

Not only impact on Apple, the closure of this factory also makes the Foxconn should be the loser.

The turnover of Foxconn fell to 18.1 percent in the month of February. The figure represents the sharpest decline in the last seven years.

Summarized KompasTekno from BGROn Friday (13/3/2020) various business relationships with technology companies are also in China to a standstill, especially with the ban on flights to and from China, the application of a number of countries.

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In addition to Foxconn, a company also temporarily stop the factory is located in China. Samsung and herbal medicinal products-Johnson & Johnson are also doing the same.

In addition to temporarily, the activity of the factory, many technology stop-company for the travel of their employees, limits began to China, to wear in order to avoid the virus.