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KOMPAS.com – The impact of the spread of corona virus in China in recent times continues to be a cause for concern, especially in the area of technology.

Recently, a supplier of camera modules for the iPhone, LG Innotek has reportedly shut down its factory is located in Gumi, South Korea due to the corona virus.

The closure of the plant, LG Innotek has been allegedly due to the presence of persons who tested positive for the virus corona.

The message was justified by one of the servants of the company, said that the factory is closed from Monday (2/3/2020) local time, the cleaning.

The factory is located in the region of Gumi, adjacent to the region of Daegu. Daegu itself is a region with the number of cases of corona in South Korea.

LG Innotek’s own is an important supplier for Apple. The cooperation with LG Innotek is also not a new thing for Apple.

Apple will probably use the camera module from LG Innotek for the iPhone 12.

If the closure of this plant lasts only for a couple of days, probably, have a great influence on the production of the iPhone.

The situation, however, is still in development, and the LG itself offers no security about when the system will be re-opened.

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As a information, not just LG, which was forced to close his factory, because of the corona. Samsung also.

Samsung is temporarily in the vicinity of its factory in Gumi, after one of the workers of infection with the corona virus confirmed.

Factory of Samsung in Gumi, a small part of the total production of mobile phones accounted for, especially in the line Flagship on the domestic market.

Compiled KompasTekno from MacRumors, Monday (2/3/2020), while for the largest part of the production of other Samsung phones made in Vietnam and India.

The city of Gumi itself is located in the North-West of the city of Daegu, which is noted as the site of the spread of the corona virus is the largest in South Korea.

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In addition to temporarily, the activity of the factory, many technology stop-company for the travel of their employees, limits began to China, to wear in order to avoid the virus.

How Facebook and Razer, the two companies, the restrictions on travel for its employees already.

Corona Virus can also impact on some regions in China, which was isolated to the local economy, go slowly, because the people in each city could not be money spinning.