Factory iPhone camera in South Korea Temporarily closed Due to a Virus Corona!


INDOZONE.ID New factory supplier camera module of the iPhone, LG Innotek has decided to close their factory, while according to the statement, since one of the employees is an infection with the corona virus.

Just for your information, LG Innotek is one of the factories that the iPhone camera can produce, and it is located in Gumi, South Korea. Currently have started, a lot of people in the region infected with the virus covid-19.

Based on information from Mac Rumors, it is known that the current party-LG Innotek was trying to do a disinfection, after shut down the factory drive.

The rear camera of the iPhone 11 Pro
The rear camera of the iPhone 11 Pro (photo/9to5Mac)

Unfortunately, there is no information on when the system is open. If LG will make Innotek, the back of the factory on Tuesday, then the process of the production of the iPhone will be problems-camera is sure not the.

However, if it takes shutting down for up to a week of Apple hectic is to fix the Problem and need to find a way out, fast.

Since the previous Assembly factory of Apple in China (Foxconn) also closed briefly for a few days and result in a cheap mobile phone Apple so iPhone 9 experience a delay in production for a couple of days.

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