Factory supplier of battery cells, Tesla will be Temporarily closed Due to…



NEVADA Tesla is finally ready to temporarily stop production tomorrow, Monday (23/3/2020). Previously, the company of Elon Musk was reluctant to temporarily close his factory, even if the corona virus is endemic.

The decision of the closure of a factory in Fremont, and New York realized, after the company went through a series of meetings with a number of local authorities.ALSO READ: Not man-Made, expert immunologist Prove Corona Formed Natural

As of the closing, Panasonic Corp. will temporarily stop the factory, which produces batteries for cars Tesla.ALSO READ: the pain of This Terrible Perceived infection Affected Corona.

The plan, the electronics company from Japan is it. in the vicinity of their plant in Nevada, United States of America, for 14 days The plant was for the supply of battery cells as a power-Tesla.

Nevertheless, the introduction of Reuters, Sunday (22/3/2020), a spokesman for Panasonic refused, an explanation of the impacts for Tesla due to the temporary suspension of production of the battery.READ ALSO: scientists from Wuhan to Remind the owner of This blood group is Impossible, the Survivors of the Corona

Panasonic is known to have approximately 3,500 employees in the state of Nevada. Employees of the blockades are not affected, while it is necessary to worry, because the company the full payment and other benefits.