faded biopic in which Sofia Coppola disappears

Priscilla by Sofia Coppola

You are 14 years old. You are on a military base in a foreign country, cut off from friends and bored to the point of madness, drinking Coke in the only bar in this place. A married soldier comes up to you and asks if you like Elvis Presley.. At this point, it’s a bit like today’s young girl asking if she likes Timothée Chalamet. And she gives the only possible answer: “Who doesn’t like it?” So far, it can happen to anyone. However, what happened to Priscilla Beaulieu is unbelievable.. Because that soldier was there one night to invite her into the house. Elvis Presiwhich at that time was military, right on this base. The love story between a little girl who came from nowhere and a planetary star begins like this. And so he decides to film it, marrying the version told by Priscilla Presley in the book Elvis and Me by Sofia Coppola. History comes to a halt. It happened when little Lisa-Maria, Presley’s daughter, was still quite small. hard to find in this biopic is dull, boring and useless a trace of the liveliness of other films of the director, such as The Garden of the Virgin Suicides or Lost in Translation, which showed it on the Lido twenty years ago. It adds little to the narrative of the American icon Elvis, a flat narrative that continues in pictures and uncritically and passively, without any author’s signature, dragging on to an end. And the viewer is drowning in a sea of ​​sonorous boredom.
Rating: 5. Formal purity is not enough to save a boring, wordy film, artistically incapable of a hackneyed story. No thanks, Sofia.

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