Fairs, carnivals, concerts, fairs… All of them will be moved to the events or cancelled due to the corona-virus in Toulouse


the main thing
Many events are already cancelled, postponed or in Toulouse, in consequence of the decision of the government ban on gatherings of more than 1000 persons. It will have to wait. October, to see M, even or Dadju. And sad to see you, the Musical Russian-German private, the orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre, under the direction of Tugan Sokhiev, from 10 to 12 March.

The government’s decision to ban gatherings of more than 1000 persons, the spread of the corona virus starts its effect in the area of live shows. Even if the manufacturer, in waiting, to a meeting this Monday morning at the Ministry of economy and Finance, Paris, to be attached, to be more precise, the number of the conference-are affected Toulouse.

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The Zenith (up to 11000 spectators), the grain house (2146 seats), the Bikini-Ramonville-Saint-Agne (track width 1500 people) and the casino-theatre Barriere (1200 chairs) are going to have significantly of the sail to reduce area, or almost stop an activity for an indefinite period.

  • The carnival of Toulouse cancelled

The ninth edition of the event organized by the organizing Committee of the carnival Uniform (CUCKOLD) to be held from the 14 to March 29, 2020 in the “pink city”: on this Tuesday, 10. in March, the structure has decided to cancel everything. On the program, Toulouse had to win, such as the theatre, on a range of funds of knowledge, the carnival of the children, searching for traditional Easter eggs, and the parade provided the opportunity : all of the events, which are cancelled with the carnival of Toulouse. The organisation must communicate the Committee of the carnival Uniform, more in detail, what’s Tuesday, late afternoon.

On the side of the Zenith, the concerts Dadju (planned for may 17. March), Christophe Maé (planned for the 21. March), and M (announced for the 13. may) are each moved to the 2. October, 27. October and 4. October. It should also should for Alain Souchon (who was to come, the 12. March), Claudio Capéo (19. March), and many others.

In the casino Barriere, where the humorists are mostly full, a lot of changes to the appointments will also be expected. The difficulty for the producers of the show is figuring out when to reprogram tours,…and you will find new dates in the autumn, the display is very cluttered.

The date of Maxime Gasteuil planned for the 10. March moved on Saturday, the 13. June 2020. The tickets remain valid for the time of the report.

The teams of the Bikini have shown that after the announcements of the government, the programming of the concert hall toulouse will again in the coming weeks. So, three shows for the time : it is about Caravan Palace (originally scheduled on may 12. March), Chinese Man (organized on 19. March) and IAM (originally planned for 24. March).

The Bikini shows that additional information can be communicated quickly. “The other performances are kept for the moment”.

In the Halle aux Grains, the first three concerts of the Musical German-Russians, the choirs and the orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre, the 10,11, and 12. March will be cancelled. The orchestra of the Capitole, the first inhabitants of the places, is also see he, his programming on the head.

In the case of the shift, the owner of the cards will be able to keep for the new date. It is a plain and simply to be cancelled, we shall make a refund without problems. However, these new provisions are a “disaster” for the middle, which, according to Michel Goudard, the company’s Euterpe (organization of events), ” has so many employees that the car is “.are

The job fair of the TAF should be held on 11 and 12 March at the exhibition of Toulouse, moved to the autumn, announcing the Region of Occitania, the organizer of the event. In addition, the direction of Parc des expositions de Toulouse, is planning “very seriously” the report of the international fair of Toulouse, scheduled from 17 to 26.

The salon of the works Council (19 to 20 March) and the real estate trade fair (20 to 22) are held, subject to the official announcement by the organizers.