Faithful: Here comes the terrifying second trailer for the new horror movie!

Spread through social channels Universal Pictures International Italysecond official trailerExorcist – Faithful”. Produced by an American production company, Requell will be released exclusively on October 5, 2023 in Italian cinemas and will witness a comeback Ellen Burstyn as Chris McNeil 50 years after the release of the recently deceased film William Friedkins

Exorcist – Faithful: here is the trailer for the new horror

While the responsibility for scaring the fans should lie with Blumhouse Productions, it looks like there have been changes to the plans that have spooked the production company. In fact, the film was originally supposed to be released in its homeland on October 13, 2023, but it was unexpectedly postponed to October 6 (in Italy a day earlier) due to “Taylor Swift: Eras Tour“. In fact, the tour became the second-highest pre-sale of all time, surpassing all but “Avengers: Endgame“. This unexpected success prompted Blumhouse to change the film’s release date.

The first chapter of this upcoming trilogy, the second already scheduled for April 2025, will focus on the story of two little girls who will become victims of Pazuzu demon. The plot will revolve around Angela and her friend Catherinewho suddenly disappear into the forest and reappear three days later with no memory of what happened. A mysterious event will set off a series of unsettling situations that force Victor, Angela’s father, to confront the darkest and most desperate evil. And in search of truth and in the fight against demonic forces, Victor will turn to the only person who has experienced such an experience: Chris McNeil.

Exorcist – Faithful: actors and synopsis of the film

Director’s film David Gordon Green see the cast: Lydia Jewett, Olivia MarcumEllen BurstynLeslie Odom Jr.Anna Daoudjennifer NettleRaphael bargesE.J. BonillaOkwui OkpokvasiliLinda BostonNigel BartoNick BenasRory GrossNora Murphy and Linda Blair. Below we publish a brief overview:

“Parents of a possessed child seek every possible help to save their daughter until they encounter Chris McNeil, who personally experienced a similar experience fifty years ago.”

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