Fake Maserati: Adam Levine of Maroon 5 sues a seller

Adam Levine would have been involved in a scam focused on the exchange of three vintage cars, two Ferraris and a Maserati which would later turn out to be fake. This is what the lawyers of the Maroon 5 frontman claim, preparing to face the lawsuit brought in court against a famous vintage car dealer who allegedly dragged the American singer into a murky deal: the truth about the Trident car would only be discovered in followed, and now the pop star’s lawyers are demanding justice. The news is reported by the stars and stripes print, starting from New York Times.

The cause

Everything would have happened in 2021, when Levine would have been induced to exchange his two 365s (a Gtc and a Gtc/4, total value 950,000 dollars) for a very rare 1971 Ghibli 4.9 Spyder SS. Produced in only 25 units, the Maserati was was valued at $850,000, so Levine agreed to receive an additional $100,000 in adjustment. An inspection carried out later, however, would have unmasked the “tarot”: not only would the Ghibli Spyder not be authentic, but it would have even already been the subject of attention from experts and US authorities precisely because of some decidedly suspicious details ( the chassis number, for example, would correspond to that of an example found on European soil). The dealer dragged before the judge obviously provides a different version, but by now Levine has decided to go to the end asking for a conviction for fraudulent concealment, breach of contract and false statements, as well as the cancellation of the sale and a compensation of at least $ 850,000 .

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