Fall fashion trends you can’t resist

Copenhagen Fashion Week has revealed the coolest street styles for next season. For this reason, and with an eye on the upcoming season, we decided to choose the upcoming autumn-winter trends due to their weight and possibility of sneaking into the wardrobe of fashion lovers.

There is no doubt that jeans and denim clothing will be the undisputed queen of this season. Valentino, Givenchy, Loewe and Balenciaga clearly prove this in their latest ready-to-wear collections and haute couture proposals. Additionally, this vast world of denim will move into other categories beyond pants, joining bags and shoes.

In the coming months, the white shirt will once again become a “must have”. Featuring “oversized” keys and extra-long sleeves that will bring minimalism, sobriety, and neutrality to the end result. less is more.

Jeans and denim clothing are the undisputed queens of this season

The length of Bermuda shorts will extend to the knees and will win over the followers of the trendsetters. Thanks to their loose lines and casual vibe, these types of designs combine the best of a “comfortable” aesthetic with a distinctly urban feel. Try pairing them with a shirt and high-heeled sandals.

3D floral appliqués have made the leap from the catwalk to the streets in the form of dresses, shirts, tops and a variety of accessories. The most successful option is a choker with three-dimensional flower decoration, which is one of the most popular trends at the moment. They made a small appearance last fall. This year will be its year of absolute consolidation.

Basics are making an unstoppable return in their simplest form, and ballet flats are making a comeback. In addition to classic two-tone Chanel or Miu Miu styles inspired by ballet, pointed styles and designs decorated with bows and flowers will also stand out.

Season after season, socks will continue to retain their place as the final accessory to any look. Obviously, pair it with “sneakers,” “ugly shoes,” sandals, or, for fall, closed-toe shoes like moccasins and pumps.

After a very subtle first summer, the metallic aesthetic will also become intense. Among the elements that define this trend, designs with silver and gold finishes stand out, but shades such as pink, blue or green also stand out. Although it may seem so at first glance, these types of clothing are easier to wear than you think. Pair metallic pants with a neutral-toned top. You will be destroyed.

red passion

As for color, red is often found in both daytime and nighttime clothing. “Total look”, dresses, skirts, pants, accessories, shoes… There is no design that is not dyed red this season. If not, tell that to the women leading “street style” at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Minimalist, groundbreaking, sensual… they do not go unnoticed thanks to silhouettes signed by Loewe, Prada or Gucci.

It’s also possible that you’ve embraced the color pink over the past few months. That said, if you’re tired of this vibrant shade, there’s another shade in this palette that you’ll really love. It is the so-called pastel purple, soft and delicate, named digital lavender by Pantone. When it’s combined, the possibilities are nearly endless. Accessories, bags, and even shoes; or dresses and coats; try it and you’ll love it.

Now that we have discovered the style lines for the fall/winter 23/24 season, let’s start building a practical yet sophisticated wardrobe.

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