False ophthalmologists charged with usurpation of titles and illegal exercise – Judicial

The prosecutor’s intervention came after the complaint filed by a representative of the Optics Chamber of Salta against the defendants, who, without having a license plate, were engaged in the illegal sale of glasses and issuing medical prescriptions.

The complainant maintained that she became aware of the activities carried out by the accused through social networks and via WhatsApp. Subsequently, police personnel went to the neighborhood center in the Miguel Ortíz neighborhood, where the defendants carried out their illegal activity.

Faced with the requirement of the titles that enable the exercise of the profession, neither of the two could prove their professional registration or authorization for the activity carried out, as stated in the decree of imputation of the prosecution.

During the impeachment hearing, both defendants abstained from testifying. From the complaint, it emerged that the accused were not registered on the list of qualified professionals. It was also confirmed that, to comply with this criminal scheme, they had posted advertisements on social networks and WhatsApp.

For their part, the entities that bring together ophthalmologists expressed their repudiation of the practices exercised by false doctors and denounced that this had been happening for a long time, and that many politicians promoted these activities.

Apocryphal recipes

Based on complaints made by health professionals in Oran, the issuance of apocryphal prescriptions with their names and stamps, which were presented in pharmacies, became known. Criminal Prosecutor 1 of Oran, Daniela Murúa, initially imputed to Leonardo Tarifa as the author of the crime of falsification of a private instrument Julian Moreno as the author of the crime of concealment. It was also charged Florence Campero, partner of one of the accused, as the author of the crime of falsification of public instruments.

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