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The family comedy based on Matteo Bussola’s White Nights novel of the same name, Kisses at Breakfast, airs tonight on Paradise 2: what’s the story about?

Based on the novel of the same name Matthew Compass published by Einaudi, Sleepless nights, kisses for breakfast. airing tonight Tuesday, August 1, 2023on Paradise 2. The family comedy tells the story of fatherhood from the point of view of Matteo, a father and husband with a dream in a drawer. Matteo would like to become a cartoonist by profession, drawing is in his blood, but, fearing to dare, he remained at a stable job. However, one day this feeling returns and knocks on his door when he meets Paola. What if there was more to life?

Sleepless Nights Kissing for Breakfast Rai 2 Family Comedy

Interpreted Alessio VassalloMatteo is a man in his forties, he has three daughters and two dogs. His wife, Paola, it was she who opened her Pandora’s box, that dream in the box, now dusty and back to the light. Thanks to Paola, Matteo found that he could make these unspoken desires come true, and he pursued a career (albeit an unsettled one) as a cartoonist, leaving aside the guarantees of a permanent job. In Sleepless Nights, Kisses for Breakfast, Matteo takes care of his family. He enjoys being a father and taking care of his little girls. Working from home every day, this is also quite easy to do. Matteo is working on one of his original superhero comics and hopes to get it published one day. His wife, on the other hand, is a career woman writer who writes strong stories and is highly respected. So far, he has published a dozen thrillers, working late into the night, with moderate success. But Paola also faces an obstacle: she has lost her inspiration.

After ten years of marriage, the balance becomes more unstable. Matteo finally receives an important offer, but with consequences. Sarah, an old friend, invites him to publish his story, but for this he will have to move to Paris. Paola, for her part, will have to rediscover her passion for writing and get closer and closer to Max, an enterprising man who could be the perfect inspiration and solution to her problems. But can Matteo and Paola find each other again? Director Francis MandelliSleepless Nights, Kisses for Breakfast was released in 2021. throwbesides Alessio Vassallo, we find Ilaria Spada, Giordano De Plano, Tess Masazza, Niccolo Senni And Enzo Garinei.

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