Family denounced in court for alleged medical negligence

Relatives of José Luis Márquez, last Tuesday at university hospital ceuta’s many Neighbor municipalities join for your burial They are outraged and demanding justice. According to his son, “my father had a medical accident while he was in the hospital” Emergency situations“He took it.

It all started last Wednesday when Jose Luis was admitted to the hospital for surgery colon cancer surgery This happened on Thursday. “The operation went well, they gave him antibiotics and he was released on Sunday. Until then, everything was going well,” his son said.

The problems started on Sunday night, when Jose Luis was at his sister’s house and started not feeling well. “He had one hell of a night because he was suffocating and he didn’t feel well at all,” the family member told reporters. lighthouse.

On Monday, they decided to go to the University Hospital emergency department again. “They did the relevant tests and discharged him around 6:00 pm, but they diagnosed him with bilateral pneumonia and only sent him some medicine,” he said.

“When I got out of the hospital, my dad called to see how he was doing and they told me he wasn’t feeling well, so I asked my mum to go back to the doctor,” he explained. Regarding this conversation, he commented, “The doctor told us, my father is fine We told him no, he was suffocating and he should see him again.

“After insisting, they told us to go to the window and they’d get his data and see him later,” he recounted. “When he came in, we didn’t hear anything else for hours,” he said. added.

Jose Luis’ son said at 11:30 p.m. they informed the family that “they were going to intubate him and pick him up because of the complications,” which he was still saying at 3 a.m.When they came back they were informed that the “organs were not responding and if we could go see him we should because he had two hours to live” and were told fatal incident 6:00 am due to cardiac arrest.

Following the claim, he lodged a complaint with the Duty Court

The outraged family lamented: “It’s inexplicable that with double pneumonia, they can get you out of the hospital with just a few pills, and when a person is choking, and in a situation like he was a few days ago Even more so after the surgery.”

“For this reason, I am night pavilion I’m waiting for them to call me to see which court will end up touching me,” he said, commenting, “My dad is not coming back to me, but all I want is justice.”

The family of Jose Luis Márquez is outraged by the situation and hopes that justice will be served even if they can no longer be with their loved ones.

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