Family of Holguin slashed teen pleads for humanitarian aid

The family of Léster Domínguez, a teenager from Holguin who was chopped up during a robbery last March, has requested humanitarian assistance The minor’s recovery has been hampered by a shortage of medical supplies and food, via social networks.

a week ago cuba daily Lester was reportedly hospitalized again due to complications from a sore (ulcer) on his back that he had had for several months.

The teen was “still fever-free” Monday morning, according to a Facebook post by his uncle Dennis Dominguez. “Well, the doctor who checked the room today said the treatment period is ten days and you have to be discharged. I agree with them that this is a room with respiratory problems, but Leicester has had bedsores for four months which is the cause of the pneumonia and has bacteria in them, This is the third pneumonia they have fought. ’” Dennis said of the minor’s situation.

“They themselves say resources are limited, I go home and I’ll fix it there, and if the kid is paraplegic, I have to turn him because he can’t. They won’t tell you or make you an appointment, for bedsores and tracheostomies, I Will spend their whole lives risking their child dying from certain bacteria, viruses, infections, etc. When should pressure sores and tracheostomies be closed? “The uncle explained the irregularities encountered during the treatment.

“Four months without work, thank you for supporting me,” Dennis continued, “providing me with medication, vacuum cleaner, wheelchair, vitamins, food. And one to buy outside pampers (culeros) cost you 1,700 pesos and wet towels 700 pesos, nothing is national price. A box of chicken is 9000 pesos, oil is 700 pesos and so on. I consider myself obligated to seek humanitarian assistance because it never ends. “

on previous occasions Dennis complained of “a lot of delays and bureaucracy in the hospital”, difficulty getting “materials that could cure it” due to “lack of stamps”, and fuel shortages Move that to counseling and physical therapy. The fuel is also needed to power factories during frequent power outages.

What happened to the Holguin family is not alone. User Yarisleydis González commented on Dennis’s Facebook post about her experience: “This is my life, speechless.I’ve been in the hospital for 12 days (presumably with someone who is sick) and they changed her antibiotics yesterday Because sulfadiazine tablets had no effect on the acute pneumonia he was suffering from. Now they gave him what they had to give him since he was admitted, Rocefin, because he was allergic to penicillin. Thank God for keeping us alive and moving on. I wish you a speedy recovery”.

Access to medicines and supplies, as well as public health services, has deteriorated markedly in Cuba in recent years. The CubaData project exposed these issues through comprehensive health surveys. More than half of respondents (55.8%) said access to medicines was “impossible”.

Regarding the possibility of seeking medical treatment, (23.2%) respondents think it is impossible. If you add the “very difficult” and “impossible” categories included in the study, 57.6% of the population surveyed (between 1,000 and 2,000 people) face serious barriers to accessing healthcare services.

As for Get more compelling research results for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. 80.3% of the respondents said that they “encountered great difficulty” or considered it “impossible” to obtain these.

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