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Nepotism is a phenomenon that goes far beyond cinema and is found in all walks of life. However, in a world like that of the Seventh Art, this issue has reached an interesting and wide-ranging level of debate involving professionals, the public, and those directly involved. Controversy about the so-called Remembrance babies this has been going on for decades and probably won’t burn out. A phenomenon is a fact that is part of the game and causes (and will cause) controversy. Forever.

Who are the “Children of Nepo”?

Hailey Bieber, the daughter of the Baldwin family, is an unbelieving mother par excellence.
Hailey Bieber, daughter of the Baldwin family, forgetful child for excellence.

The concept of “remembrance babies” is a recent development, even if this phenomenon as old as cinema. The term literally refers to “children of nepotism”. And they are, so to speak, “daddy’s children” of cinema and entertainment. These are artists whose parents are connected with their own business.

many cases, as well as names that could be done. And we will. In the meantime, one thing is important to note: not all of the stars in question entered the film world for favoritism or for a last name. Their careers may have been launched or helped by having an artist family, but that’s not the only reason for their success. Sometimes this is true, but not always, and this should be emphasized.

Therefore, we will not give (except in a few cases) value judgments. But we’ll just provide some cases. Then, having seen the works of the figures in question, everyone will be able to form their own opinion on this matter and on the real talent of the figure. Remembrance babies pay attention to. Because, after all, it is films that are the true measure in the field of cinema.

“Now let’s call the name and surname”

John David Washington with his parents: the actor is one of the newlyweds on the crest of a wave
John David Washington with his parents: the actor is one of Remembrance babies at the pinnacle of glory.

OUR There are many art children in Hollywood. and the chances of running into one of their names in a modern film project are quite high. To start the discussion, here are a few names. Just the tip of the iceberg of a much more common occurrence.

John David Washington (son of Denzel), Maya Hawke (twin forgetful child, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman), Scott Eastwood (son of Clint), Wyatt Russell (Kurt). Dakota Johnson and Margaret Qualley.

And again: Jack Quaid and Angelina Jolie (she is the daughter of Jon Voight, with whom she has always had a clearly stormy relationship), Lily-Rose Depp and Lily Collins, Oona Chaplin (daughter of Geraldine Chaplin, actress, in turn daughter of Charlie) and Dominhall Gleason, Zoe Kravitz and Ben Stiller (son of comedian Jerry Stiller). And these are just a few modern examples of this phenomenon. Now let’s dip the knife a bit in some edge cases.

Highlight: Films as a private matter

Will Smith and son Jaden in After Earth
Will Smith and son Jaden After Earth.

The evidence for this phenomenon is exacerbated when parents involve their offspring in their films. In the examples we are about to give, the talent of the parents is not accompanied by adequate play on the part of the children, who prove insufficient and unsuitable for the roles entrusted to them. The first case we will mention concerns the participation Sofia Coppola is not The Godfather – Part IIIdirector his father Francis. Sophia’s test is smeared, and the actress cannot fully play out the drama of her character. This film marked the end of her acting career, but as we shall see, she will recover.

The pursuit of happiness AND After Earth they have two things in common: Will Smith and his son Jaden. If in the first film, also produced by Smith older, the pair works, in the second alchemy is clearly less effective. Jayden did not live up to expectations and critics panned his test and sanctioned an unfortunate halt to his acting career. Which, however, contrary to his father’s expectations (Smith also produced Karate Kid – The Legend Continuesagain with Jayden as the protagonist…) hadn’t been exceptional up to this point.

We come to the most recent case (there are many others, but they seemed to us quite close to the topic both in terms of closeness in time and in terms of evidence of the situation): Life on the run2021 movie all branded Penn. Not only Sean directing and starring, but also his sons as actors: Dylan and Hopper Jack. The film was branded as bad, as were the performance tests (only Sean kept the game going). Lots of good will, but unfortunately talent is not hereditary and sometimes there is no solution at home.

Hollywood families

The forgetful children of the Skarsgard house
OUR Remembrance babies Skarsgard’s house.

Another interesting case, deeply rooted in Hollywood, is the “artist families,” entire relatives dedicated to the seventh art. Cases are uncountable. come on Barrymorewhose lineage still continues today (with Drew: here’s our article, which also touches on his family issues) and whose beginnings coincide with the beginnings of American cinema.

Another important case is i Carradinesactive since the 1930s (just remember that John Carradine, the progenitor, is present in two milestones of American cinema: red shadows AND fury) and they are still active too. Among the families of art we find then Found (whose grandparent, Henry, worked with John Carradine in fury), I Skarsgård (ubiquitous in recent years in Hollywood), I gyllenhaal (well, yes, even the very talented Jake and Maggie are children of art) and Baldwin (if you look closely at the footage of many films from the 80s and 90s, the chances of stumbling upon a family member are quite high).

Coppola: The Nepo Infant Family

Francis Ford Coppola with daughter Sofia
Francis Ford Coppola with his daughter Sofia.

Family too Coppola-Schwartzman (yes, Jason Schwartzman is a member of the clan) marked important pages in the history of cinema. Many surnames are associated with the seventh art, from Francis to Roman passing through Carmine and Thalia Shire. However, we mention two names that somewhat contrast with the trend we are describing and confirm the rule: Sofia Coppola and Nicolas Cage.

The first, as we have already said, as an actress launched by her father, certainly did not shine. Thus, she broke away from her father’s work (but did not abandon her production…) to pursue a career as a screenwriter and director. Result: Oscar and some great films. Another case is Nick Cage, Francis’ direct nephew who decided to give himself a different stage name to disassociate himself from family history. And Nic Cage, between blockbusters and small arthouse films, Nic Cage did not become an accident.

One Douglas is too much: the real one

Douglas in art and Douglas in reality
Douglas in art and Douglas in reality

We are in an extreme but interesting case. KirkDouglas was a movie legend, and his son, Michael, not less. Their entire family is connected to The Seventh Art and is divided between producers, directors, actors and other roles. However, the original surname of the family is not Douglas, but Danielovich. Starting his acting career, Kirk gave himself the surname “Douglas”. And his entire family tree found it necessary to take it with them, as a real surname or royal title.

However, someone paid for the name Douglas: Michael Keaton. “My real name is Michael Douglas and when I was about to start I was told to change my last name. It was not easy: I am very proud of my surname. However, I had to change, and I chose Keaton somewhat by accident. Not for Buster, not for Diana. And stayed”. Indirect effects of Hollywood nepotism.

Unremembered children rush to the rescue

After some cases have been identified, the question arises spontaneously. How is it possible that in cinema, an art based on talent, individual writing, directing, acting (etc.), this phenomenon is so widespread? If the artist is clumsy or incompetent, how is it possible that he continues to act? The fact is that cinema is a really beautiful art form, but the creation of each individual film is also strictly capitalist industrial processwhere many factors come into play. Including nepotism, favoritism and interests that go far beyond art in the strict sense.

OUR Remembrance babiesin recent years have reached an interesting and almost paradoxical level of self-awareness. Type: “We are recommended or recommended by several. But we are also something else. And we want to prove it to you.”. This culminated in the last Oscars, when the winner Jamie Lee Curtis (superdaughter of art: father was Tony Curtis and mother Janet Leigh) claimed that she forgetful child (we leave you the video at the beginning of the paragraph).

Of course, Curtis can afford it. Her career speaks for her and is a tangible demonstration of her talent, which she has surpassed. biases and supposed recommendations. But this, of course, does not apply to all the names we have named. The debate is destined to continue and permeate Hollywood and the entire film world in the future.

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