Family refuses to vaccinate children, Mendoza judge forces them to do so

Babies must be vaccinated against hepatitis B and tuberculosis (BCG) (Photo:

After receiving the complaint cuyo clinicthis justice mendoza A family has been forced to vaccinate their newborn after they refused to comply with a mandatory vaccination schedule.

It all started on Thursday at a medical facility on José Vincent Zapata Avenue in the provincial capital, when the parents of the newborn refused to give the minor the dose planned by the medical facility. National vaccination calendar.

Faced with this situation, the Cuyo Clinic decided to report the situation to the court, so the judge had to intervene. Rebecca Natalia Roperohe ordered minors to be vaccinated and used public power to ensure children were vaccinated when necessary.

Just like that, the parents were forced to abandon their initial stance and on Friday afternoon agreed to have their children vaccinated against the vaccine. Hepatitis Bshould be used within the first 12 hours after birth, and tuberculosis (BCG vaccine), placed before leaving the delivery room.

at the same time, family court and Interdisciplinary Technical Team (ETI) To accommodate families from the city Las Heras.

Mendoza Cuyo Clinic

If a minor has not been vaccinated, right to healthsomething regulated Violating codein its Article 119, Law No. 9099as a source close to the case explained teram.

One of the points in the article states that “parents, guardians, guardians or guardians who do not fulfill their children or minors under their care are obliged to receive mandatory vaccinations as set out in the national calendar (Law No. 22,909), they shall be fined from two hundred (200) UF to eight hundred (800) UF or arrested for five (5) days, or an equivalent amount for community work in a care center for minors or a public hospital.

“Health service providers (public or private) and any public agency or official who becomes aware of a violation of a minor’s right to vaccination must notify the local administration of the situation. Anyone who neglects to notify will be subject to double penalties. In the previous paragraph,” the article on the role of health workers adds.

All vaccines included in the national calendar are compulsory, free and do not require medical advice, regardless of the stage of life, since a certain dose is required from birth to adulthood. In this sense, through its website, ministry of health Ensuring compliance with the plan is “a right and a responsibility.”

For newborns, health authorities note that “vaccination from an early age protects those most vulnerable to potentially serious infectious diseases.” At the same time, they stress the importance of having a physical exam at least once a year during childhood, even if the person is not sick. , the exam should also include eye and dental consultations.

In the first year of life, the vaccination schedule includes the following doses: Rotavirus, pentavirus, IPV, conjugated pneumococcal, meningococcal, influenza, triple virus and hepatitis A.Vaccines are available for up to two years chicken poxpentavirus, influenza and meningococci, and for yellow feverfor residents of areas at risk for this disease.

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