Famous actress and singer of the Cine de Oro took her life due to her addiction to alcohol

Some anecdotes that emerged during the time of Gold of Mexican Cinema were very tragic, as was the case with Fight Reyes, who was a famous singer and actress who managed to conquer the public with his talent, but who took his life due to his addiction to alcohol, a disease that other beautiful performers also had.

Maria de la Luz Flores Aceves, the artist’s real name, was recognized for her particular style to sing ranchera music, as she interpreted the songs with a raspy and somewhat deep voiceThis is due to the fact that he suffered from some diseases that damaged his vocal cords, but which gave him the ability to impose a new way of singing.

The artist originally from Guadalajara Jalisco, earned the title of ‘The Queen of the Ranchera Song‘due to his interpretive ability and the show he gave, since during his presentations he was never missing a bottle of alcohol He gave her a good drink and made her have an even more “brandy” voice. However, this practice later developed a dependency on him.

Lucha Reyes and his addiction to alcohol

According to what was exposed in ‘The story behind the myth’, Fight Reyes inherited from his mother’s habit of drinking alcohol, for it was she who drank frequently and uncontrollably. From a very young age he adopted this practice that later brought him some problems in professional life, since the group Reyes-Ascencio, made up of Lucha and the sisters Ofelia and Blanca Ascencio, decided to remove her due to the constant embarrassing episodes from her alcoholism.

Despite his drinking problems, he managed to succeed in music with hits like “La Tequilera “, “Juan Colorado”, “El Punigador”, “Rayando el sol”, to mention some of his most iconic songs.

He also participated in some films at the Cine de Oro such as ‘Song of the soul’, ‘The land of the mariachi’, ‘The fox of Jalisco’ with Pedro Armendáriz and Emilio “el Indio” Fernández; Y ‘Ay Jalisco, don’t back down! ‘, with Jorge Negrete and Gloria Marín.

Lucha Reyes participated in the Cine de Oro with Jorge Negrete Photo: Instagram

The last hours of Lucha Reyes

According to the anecdotes of the time, Fight Reyes she suffered from a deep depression that made her drink. Because of that, on June 24, 1944, after being drunk for several days, he asked his daughter, María de la Luz, who at that time was only 11 years old, I went to the pharmacy to buy him some pills.

The little cfollowed some barbiturates that he thought would serve to remove the discomfort of the drunk his momHowever, the singer of “La Tequilera” locked herself up with the pills and a bottle of alcohol. The 38-year-old artist consumed 25 of the 40 tablets that contained the bowl and fell asleep in her bed.

Hours later, her daughter found her and called emergency services. According to the writer Edmundo Pérez Medina, the also actress she was alive when she got to the hospital, so they did stomach washings, however, the efforts were null, because Lucha Reyes died at 2 a.m. on June 25.


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