Famous and Unfaithful: From Whoopi Goldberg to Tiger Woods. With public access

Ben Affleck

In an era when everything is moving at a frantic pace, it is difficult even for unions to remain firm. According to the Extramarital Encounters platform, more people cheat in Italy than in the rest of Europe. The ranking recorded 59% of betrayals compared to the European average of 34%. The regions of our country most prone to extramarital affairs are Lombardy (75%), Campania (74%) and Lazio (72%). Instead, according to Gleeden.com, in the US, 84% publicly admit to being unfaithful. It is no coincidence that among them there are many well-known, serial traitors. Ben Affleck caused quite a stir when he cheated on his ex-wife Jennifer Garner with a housekeeper. Although some sources report that the next relationship with Lindsey Shookus was born when he was with Garner. But with J. Lo, he seems to have put his head back. Instagram @_ben_affleck._

Kristin Stewart

Kristen Stewart is known not only for her films, but also for extramarital affairs. When she was dating Robert Pattinson, the couple that millions of boys dreamed of, she unexpectedly cheated on the handsome actor with director Rupert Sanders. According to some sources that have never been confirmed, the actress has had minor relapses even with her subsequent girlfriends. Instagram @kristen.stewart.account

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has done a lot. After repeatedly cheating on ex-wife Denise Richards with Brooke Mueller, he cheated on her after the wedding. Instagram @charliesheen

Whoopi Goldberg

Actress Whoopi Goldberg has publicly admitted to cheating on her significant other at least five or six times. Instagram @whoopigoldberg

Tiger Woods

Golf champion Tiger Woods, in a five-year marriage to Elin Nordegren (divorced in 2010), admitted to cheating on her at least 120 times. Maybe he was exaggerating… Instagram @tigerwoods

Chris Rock

Comedian Chris Rock after the divorce admitted that in 18 years of marriage he cheated on his ex-wife with at least three different women. Some close sources claim that one of these women was actress Kerry Washington. Neither side has confirmed anything. Below in the photo, along with the singer and friend Rihanna. Instagram @chrisrock

Jack Nicholson

Angelina Huston stated in her memoirs that Jack Nicholson was a serial con artist. The couple later broke up when Huston discovered that the actor had had a son with another woman while he was still with her. Instagram @jacknicholsonofficial

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