Fan confused to Kiernan Shipka to Emma Watson, and this was the reaction of her!


It reacts Kiernan Shipka when you say that it is identical to Emma Watson

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Since Emma became famous, thanks to the success of the Harry Potter saga, there have been several girls that have an amazing resemblance to her; however, another famous actress is constantly compared to and confused with the star.

It is Kiernan Shipka, the actress who gives life to Sabrina Spellman in the series from Netflix, ‘The Hidden World of Sabrina’, and who recently shared a cute picture on his profile of Instagram posing with her puppy.

Taking a break from the contents of #chaos to CONTENT DOG“: He wrote Kiernan along with the cute pic.

The photo caused a sensation among his followers; however, Kiernan was surprised to discover that one of them confused her with Emma: “Very beautiful, Emma Watson“.

The response of Kiernan to the fan who confused her with Emma it was simply perfect: “Thank you. Had an amazing time filming Harry Potter and I’m really excited about all the new projects that I’m doing now“.

We love the humor of Kiernan, besides this is not the first time that fans will notice his strong resemblance with Emma, because there are even those who claim that the star of Sabrina, is a mixture between the star of Harry Potter and the YouTuber mexican, Yuya.

What do you guys think?, do you believe that Kiernan and Emma could pass for twin sisters?

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