Fans only go back to stadiums if they receive vaccine


The majority of the fans would not be willing to return to attend the stadiums when the sports are back, except that before receiving the vaccine against the Covid-19the new outbreak of coronavirus which has put in check the world.

The result was the product of a survey, conducted by the University of Seton Hall, who asked dozens of fans of the sports in the united States.

The result of this concluded that the majority not coming back to the stadiums, except that prior to be vaccinated.

Currently, there is a vaccine against the Covid-19.

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The survey, answered by 762 people between the 6 and the 8 of April, found that 72% would not feel safe going to a sporting event before it has developed a vaccine against the COVID-19.

This percentage stood at 61% among respondents who are recognized as followers of the sport. The 12% of the respondents said they only felt safe if you were to implement social distancing measures, while only 13% said yes would feel safe going back to the courts.


This virus has the attention and respect of the nation, “said Rick Gentile, director of the department of surveys sports Seton Hall, a university located in the state of New Jersey (northeast).

“Those (respondents) who identify themselves as fans of sports, at all levels of interest, are aligned closely with the general population in regard to their own safety and the safety of the players,” said Gentile.

While 40% of those surveyed believe that you should not resume any sport for the rest of 2020, around 76% recognized that it would maintain the same level of interest if the competitions were resumed and passed without spectators present in the stadiums.

In any case, 76% considered that the suspension of the sports competitions occurred at the right time, and 84% also supported the decision of the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Games for Tokyo 2020 by a year.

The united states recorded more than 475,000 cases of infection confirmed COVID-19, the highest figure worldwide, and more than 17,900 fewer deaths, according to the count of the Johns Hopkins University.

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