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With the real body as a paradigm on stage, Fantastic dance, a project that the dancer and choreographer Rosario Paula Manaker has been carrying out for some years now, will be presented with a new edition this Friday and Saturday at the Teatro Municipal La Comedia.

Theater framed within the documentary genre based on the logic of biodrama designed for all audiences, Fantastic dance addresses the personal history of a group of people over 60 from their experiences with music and dance.

In this way, the stage becomes a dance floor where unique stories unfold that intertwine, forming a common fabric. This scenic work is the product of a workshop-laboratory space that was developed for two months at the Parque de España Cultural Center.

“It is a project that I created from all the experience with the biodramas of Vivi Tellas (Argentine theater director of international prestige), which lasted several years; a scholarship allowed me to put together an artistic project based on that experience and that project was Fantastic dance, whose first edition took place at the Manizales Festival (Colombia) a few years ago; Vivi and I were summoned there to bring a pedagogical project that became artistic. Actually, it is an artistic research project, like almost everything I do, which then had a pilot test in Paraná and then in Rosario, in El Cruce, in 2018 ”, Manaker told The citizen about the proposal that he directs and whose team is made up of Federico Tomé (dramaturgical coordination and production), Juani Favre (musical assistance) and Cecilia Mastría (general assistance).

The project’s interest is in dance with older people, their relationship with the body when they dance with other people, in public space and popular dance, using the stage as a “dance floor”, and in turn as a “fantastic platform ”, Something that Manaker has been experimenting with in his latest works, in particular with the remembered Dying doesn’t make sense either.

“For me,” said Manaker, “people over 60 have a waste and dedication that, although it may not seem like it, many times with younger people is more complex to achieve. They are bodies with an experience, they are mature, their lives have many layers; things that interest me artistically are linked in them, such as the amateur and the spontaneous. And always my interest is artistic, because I always wonder how to produce something of astonishment rather than of truth; It is in this sense, working with these people offers me a lot of tools to think about how to converge between the ideas of the artistic and their connection with the social. More than in many other works, the spectators can feel identified ”.

The cast of this new version that will be released this weekend is made up of Liliana Fernández, Mirta Domínguez, Nora Di Doménica, Marta Vilar, Javier Sansone, Miguel Gonzalo, Graciana Scaravaglione, Gabriela Wychowanec, Liliana Beatriz Greco, María Julieta Adobato, Silvia Pampinella, Martha Mendiara, Felicitas Palmier, Vilma Susana Arrebola, Susana Sarraf, Lidia Fontana, Nora Arredondo, Raúl Zuanigh, Silvia Gugliotto, Susana Sáez and Majo Merino.

To schedule

Fantastic dance, under the direction of Paula Manaker, it is presented this Friday and Saturday, from 8pm, at the Municipal Theater La Comedia, by Miter and Ricardone, with a general admission of 100 pesos. Advance tickets can be purchased at the theater box office or through the platform

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