Fantastic Four frontrunner responds positively to MCU casting rumors

With rumors heating up of the MCU’s Fantastic Four, potential lead candidate Vanessa Kirby has offered her first public reaction to the chance to play Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman. Previous rumors have suggested that Barbie star Margot Robbie is in the running for the lead role, but Mission Impossible actress Kirby has made her place as a strong contender. This is despite Marvel’s suspicious silence to date regarding official Fantastic Four casting news.

Vanessa Kirby was asked about her potential role as Sue Storm in the MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot, and she told that she’s aware of the rumors. While not giving any concrete confirmation that she is in talks with Marvel, Kirby said that playing Sue Storm “would be an honor.” His positive but ambiguous response contrasted sharply with the disapproval of Mila Kunis, who, after being attached to the same role after being photographed with Matt Shakman in Los Angeles, shut the door.

Vanessa Kirby’s Fantastic Four casting rumors are adding her to a promising group of actors connected to Marvel’s first family, joining Academy Award winners and newcomers Mister Fantastic, The Thing, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman:

– Adam Driver (Reed Richards)
– Penn Badgley (Reed Richards)
– Ryan Gosling (Reed Richards)
– John Krasinski (Reed Richards)
– Emily Blunt (Sue Storm)
– Margot Robbie (Sue Storm)
– Mila Kunis (Sue Storm)
– Jodie Comer (Sue Storm)
– Rachel Brosnahan (Sue Storm)
– Paul Mescal (Johnny Storm)
– Austin Butler (Johnny Storm)

The question now is whether Kirby would be a strong choice to play Sue Storm in the MCU, especially with contenders already attached to the role. While Mila Kunis appears to be out of the competition, Margot Robbie herself is rooting for the viral success of Kirby Barbie, longtime fan favorite Emily Blunt, and Jodie Comer, who is still looking for her big cinematic breakthrough after Killing Eve. can stand against. If Marvel chooses to avoid a newcomer, Vanessa Kirby has the credentials.

Kirby already has franchise experience, having been part of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible series and playing the third lead in the Fast and Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham . She’s also tremendously talented and her performance opposite Adam Driver in Fantastic Four would be a great suggestion.

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