Fantastic Four – Marvel Studios wants to make a new offer to Adam Driver for the role of Reed Richards!

The casting process is described as “the most important since the selection Tom Holland For Spiderman– temporarily blocked due to the strike of Hollywood actors and writers. Despite this, a lot of rumors continue to circulate online about the names that will be involved in the reboot.

As per what skuper recently explained Jeff Snyder, Adam Driver – one of the first names to appear on the net – would have turned down the role of Reed Richards, leaving voluntarily, because “I could not empathize with the character, as it was written in the script.”

Marvel Studios is getting back together, according to the latest rumors Adam Driver as soon as the strike of actors and writers ends. Actually the goal is to get the actor to read the new script created by Josh Friedman (one of Cameron’s co-authors in the saga of Avatarswho wrote the entire fourth film), then again offering him the role Reed Richards.

Thus, to date, the hypothesis of Driver as the new Reed Richards is still relevant.

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