Fantastic Four: The role of Reed Richards would have been offered to Matt Smith

matt smith - fantastic four

After giving up Adam Drivera new name appears as a prospective candidate for the role Reed Richards in the MCU movie Fantastic Four. It’s about a star Dragon House AND Doctor Who, Matt Smith. According to the scooter Daniel Richman (according to, Smith would actually have been offered the role of Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, shortly before the SAG-AFTRA strike began. With pre-production on hold due to a strike, the casting process is currently on hold and it is reportedly unclear if Smith has accepted the role or if negotiations are still ongoing.

Smith, who also played a key role in Morbiusis one of several actors rumored to be interested in the role of Reed Richards in Fantastic Four, but for now, all this information should be treated with some skepticism, although, of course, it is already causing a stir in social networks. However, due to the strike at the moment, any news in this regard has been postponed and therefore we will have to wait for the resolution of the current situation before we can know if the offer is real to the actor and, above all, if he decides to play the character.

At the moment, there remains a lot of uncertainty as to who could be part of the cast. Fantastic Four, which proved to be more difficult to assemble than expected. Recently it became known that the star Barbie Margot Robbie would have turned down the role of Sue Storm while Vanessa Kirby now she is the number one contender for this role. As for The Thing, the rumored names included Mila Kunis AND David DiggsBye Austin Butler AND Paul Mescal There have been rumors of a Human Torch, though other reports deny this. Hence the great confusion, which, of course, will not be resolved until the strike of the actors begins.

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