Far Cry 6: Latest Expansion Brings Back a Familiar Face

Far cry 6 welcomed its expansion titled Pagan: Control, ranked second out of three outposts scheduled to join the base game with the season pass. This DLC is focused on the villain from Far Cry 4 and follows the line of offering a roguelite experience complementary to the original story.

The goal is simple: escape Pagan’s mind. This premise can be fulfilled once the player gets the famous “golden mask”, which is assembled with three pieces (or memories) distributed on the map. To obtain them, it will be necessary to overcome three main missions. However, respecting the roguelite dynamics, solving the secondary orders will be crucial to improve equipment and passive skills.

This DLC -like its predecessor Vaas: Insanity– invites you to explore an open map. This time everything will be set in the Kyrat area and for fans of the saga there will be multiple nods to Far Cry 4.

Pagan: Control has an extraordinary script and an exceptional art direction, definitely the best thing about this game is the way in which Ubisoft decided to tell more details about its most famous antagonists. Not only with a background of his personal story that adds to the plot, but also by leading the player into the eyes and twisted mind of this individual from a deep perspective.

The gameplay has very visible positives and negatives typical of the genre. On the one hand, the gameplay is powerfully attractive thanks to its arcade dynamics, where dying is just part of the process. There are several points where you can save your run progress. Everything except the progress of the missions, whose penalty in case of falling before enemies means a level reset. Everything that has been reserved in the safe-houses can be exchanged in the mirror and the armory, which have the function of sellers of permanent improvements and weapons respectively.

On the other hand, there is a bar that measures Pagan’s mindset level. In total, there are five stages that fill up quite slowly, not suitable for the anxious, and limit the ease when it comes to taking down rivals, regardless of the configuration of your equipment.

Completing the game takes approximately seven to eight hours, although there are some weapon challenges that allow you to stretch the experience by an additional four or five. For those who have played Far Cry 4 everything will be a luxury, since it can give a closure to the development of Pagan’s character. However, for new players there is evidence of a lack of introduction that can cause the thread of the story to be lost.

Graphically, Pagan: Control respects the guidelines of Far Cry 6 and perfectly sets the new island of its repertoire, which makes the difference from those previously visited. Although he does not stand out at the musical level, we do once again applaud Troy Baker, who takes the reins of the dubbing of the protagonist and digitizes it with a majesty that is already normal in his work.

The Far Cry saga has had several twists and turns, it has been the protagonist of releases that broke the gamer box office and others that were kept in the drawer. The sixth installment of Ubisoft fell in the middle of these two poles and the season pass was shown to be a dedicated add-on for veterans of the franchise and all those looking for a Hollywood action experience with well-known actors.


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