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Far Cry Primal PC Game Download Full Version

Far Cry is a production made in the convention of a first-person action game, the first producer of which was Crytek studio. In 2004, the rights to this production were taken over by Ubisoft Montreal . This change was definitely a good thing for the game, because the studio, developing the best features of this production, brought it to its top form.

Far Cry Primal PC Game Download Full Version

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Long long time ago…

The entire plot of Far Cry Primal takes place in prehistoric times and takes the player to the Stone Age around twelve thousand years BC. All the action of this game takes place in the beautiful land of Oros, which was entirely invented by the creators of this production. Due to the fact that this surface was shaped by the retreat of the ice sheet, it is characterized by a unique terrain. You can find here both swamps, forests and zones covered with snow and ice.

The player takes on the role of an ancient hunter named Takkar. He meets him when the hunter is completely alone, as all his companions have been brutally murdered as a result of a fight with a foreign tribe. From now on, the game turns into a real fight for survival. He still has to watch out for the dangers lurking at every turn. Both aggressive natives and wildly dangerous huge prehistoric beastly animals can deprive him of his life at any moment. To survive, Takkar must form a new tribe and provide him with the right conditions for proper development. Try to play Far Cry Primal Download yourself . Can you survive?

In the world of primitive people

The world of Far Cry Primalit is even huge and extremely extensive .. Thanks to such a highly developed reality, its heroes, apart from standard missions, also have many additional tasks and dangerous adventures to perform. They must not only recover dangerous pediments from the hands of their enemies and fight with wild and dangerous animals in such a way as to hunt them down later. The great advantage of this game, which makes the entertainment even more interesting, is to provide players with great freedom of action and the possibility of using many alternative ways to achieve their goals. Thanks to all these solutions, the pleasure of the game will be enjoyed by people who are excited about fast action and this is what they expect from computer games, as well as enthusiasts of strategy and logical thinking.

The creators of Far Cry Primal Download have also taken great care to reproduce the realities of the Stone Age as much as possible. For this purpose, the crafting system has been greatly expanded. The heroes in the game do not find ready-made tools, all the items necessary for life, such as weapons or other types of tools, must be made by themselves, using various resources they can find and their own creativity. At their disposal, they only have the bones and skins of the hunted animals, as well as various stones that must be properly processed. From these elements, they themselves can create a variety of weapons typical of prehistoric peoples. These include, among others, various types of maces, spears, spears, bows, and other types of weapons.

Just like in the Stone Age, fire plays a very important role in this game as well. It is used not only to survive, but also has important strategic functions and helps in the fight against enemies, because one of its most important functions is to deter wild and predatory animals. Thanks to the ingenious use of this element, we can chase away predators in such a way that terrified creatures fleeing indiscriminately trampled enemy tribes. Thanks to this patent, we can get rid of two enemies at the same time. Check how primitive people lived. Game Far Cry Download Primal is now available for download.

Modern graphics in a game of prehistory

A very interesting solution that makes the entire game more attractive is allowing the main characters to use various species of animals as prehistoric means of transport thanks to the original option that allows them to mount. This possibility significantly speeds up the journey in the land of Oros. Interesting and extremely realistic graphics are a very strong point of this game. Thanks to it, each player can feel as if he got into a time machine and went back thousands of years in order to see the hardship with which man has reached the level of development throughout history that we can observe today.

Far Cry Primal PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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