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IE Barcelona arrived last night fabulous las vegas Not much desire to party.This morning (5:00am) he wrapped up his US tour in a game against Team USA milan Who has lost interest as all the focus has shifted over the past three days to Dembele.Can’t enjoy the joy of victory classicnor explosions and young tears Ferminthe club have confirmed from the winger that he will be leaving Paris.A news change in planning Barcelona It will leave a bitter aftertaste for a trip where it all happened: Viral gastroenteritis forces cancellation against Juventus, some controversial claims Ricky Puig be opposed to Harvey; “White” Premiere Barcelona” against him arsenal; 3-0 to madrid; Finally, the flight from Dembele arrive Neymar.

but Barcelona follow now Harvey It’s up to you to find the solution.Currently, it will use the following las vegas Check out the less common ones.setbacks encountered Gundogan and Christensen They’ve put the tech on alert, he probably won’t activate his bodyguard (Ter Stegen, Araujo, bucket, De Jong, Pedro, Lewandowski).Among those untouchables there are Dembele. Without a doubt, the coach was one of the most disappointed with the Frenchman. He bets him and turns him into one of the main pawns in an offensive game against him. The whole situation must now be reconsidered.

in front of Barcelonahe milan of Pioliwhich will not yet Sam ChukweitzerRemaining in Italy to await the return of the Rossoneri from their tour of the United States. Good signings and an unbalanced player down the right should drive players a little nuts. Barcelona after goodbye Dembele.

he milan already lost to Brahim But retain a group of excellent forward midfielders Pulisic, Messiah, Leo and fireproof Giroud. Theo Hernandez on the left is the cannon of the wing.semi-finalists champion Last year, this year aims to regain supremacy series.a special game caseyhe played with his predecessor, and he helped them win the Serie A championship as a capital player.

In Barcelona, ​​an opportunity Ferran (Two goals in two games) confirms the good feelings you have had on your journey.March Dembele It also opened up a new scene for Rafinha, who leapfrogged into the undisputed category. Ansu and Abd They will also have a few minutes, although today’s eyes are spectacular loyalist of las vegas they will go Fermin LopezHe is playing for staying in the first team this season.

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