Farewell to Roberto Colaninno, Enlightened Entrepreneur

The enlightened entrepreneur leaves with Roberto Colaninno., a real piece of Italian industrial history. His name is associated not only with Piaggio but also to another historical company such as La Olivetti.

First of all, I remember him as a man of business, restrained, but passionate.. In July 2021 during my factory visit Pontederatogether with Mayor Matteo Franconi, they wanted to stay with us for the day to explain in detail the plan for the transition to electric mobility that was being implemented at the plants in Pontedera. There is no need to recall how closely the name Piaggio is associated with Tuscany. If you think of Pontedera and immediately think of Vespa, the queen of two wheels and the “Made in Italy” symbol, a lot of credit goes to Roberto Colaninno as well. In fact, it was in the city of Pisa in the heart of Tuscany that he wanted to develop the e-mobility department, which employs many young engineers. In short, the future of the company, but also the future of global mobility. I immediately felt the massive transformation that was taking place and his vision, which combined investment courage with risk awareness. I remember the pride and glint in his eyes as he showed me the sheds he was about to transform, almost painting the new look they would soon have.

The second memory is indirect, it refers to only a month ago and is proof of the international prestige that Roberto Colaninno enjoyed.. During the only stop in Italy after the capital, I had the opportunity to receive the President of the Republic of Vietnam, Vo Van Thung, in Tuscany, who expressed great appreciation for the investment in the Asian country and the figure of Colaninno as an entrepreneur. This event was attended by his son Matteo, and a protocol of friendship was signed between Tuscany and the province of Vin Phuc, where Piaggio is located with an important factory. Thus, the reason for visiting Tuscany was precisely the respect that this type of industrial relationship has created over the years.

Roberto Colaninno is sure to be missed. We will miss his vision, his leadership, understood as the ability to make important decisions, always following the light of Italian excellence.

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