Farley’s team will face Claypool in August 2023

Belgrano closed professional league Streak of losses as six games added without knowing the win.Two weeks after the event League CupAfterwards, the “Pirates” had a perfect chance to regain their victory.for Round of 16 of Argentina Cupthe set consists of william farley go to Hu Ning face clay columnhe Thursday from 9:15 p.m..

Wednesday afternoon, Farley announced to be summoned to Hu Ning.The quoted roster consists of 24 players as DT has added John Strumia as the third goalkeeper.also Strumiathe list proposes five variants for the player that was called in the previous game Belgranogiven that central rosary go through date 27 of professional league.

Farley's team to take on Claypool | Sports Channel
Farley names players going to Junin (Belgrano Press)

Not on this list are Mathias Moreno, Facundo Rencioni, Mariano Minho, paul vegeti and Franco Jara.The most notable absence is Vighetti, who went to Brazil to play football.Minho was injured against “Canara” while dark I’m going to get acute gastroenteritis.

Among the participating players, there are many young people Jeronimo Heredia, Jeremiah Luke and Frank Lamy.The other two variants are brand new additions to the club with excellent comebacks Pablo Chavarria 13 years later.Chilean Mathias Marin Complete the payroll, he is from the Chilean football team.

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