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Farming Simulator 15 PC Game Download Full Version

Farmingg Simulator 15 is the sixth installment of this popular game. Those who dealt with the previous versions of the game will be surprised to find that Farming Simulator 15 is much better than previous releases. People who will deal with this game for the first time will surely evaluate it positively. Compared to the previous version of the game, Farming Simulator 15 has been enriched with several additional and – it must be said straightforward – interesting options. Do you want to find out about it? Click Farming Simulator 15 Download and feel like a farmer. The producer of the game is Focus Home Interactive .

Farming Simulator 15 PC Game Download Full Version

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The farm management simulator, created by Giants Software , offers us many different game possibilities. As in previous versions, we can run a farm in the default locations known from previous game releases, but not only. Compared to the previous version, the newest version has been enriched with the possibility of farming in Scandinavian areas, characterized by slightly different weather conditions and rich in forests, so one of the additional possibilities of the game is forest work and forest management. We can plant a forest, we can also cut trees and transport wood.

New agricultural equipment.

In the latest version of the game, the authors have added a considerable amount of new agricultural equipment that we can own and use. In addition to equipment for use in the forest, the authors of the game added many equipment from renowned manufacturers, such as New Holland and Ponsse. It is worth adding that agricultural machinery and tractors are perfectly reproduced. The player, a fan of simulators, will surely appreciate the perfect representation of tractor cab equipment. An interesting addition that appears in this game is the ability to wash tractors and our agricultural equipment with pressure washers. There was no such possibility in previous versions of the game. Get the full version of Farming Simulator 15 Download on PC and check if you can run your own farm.

Game rules.

The assumptions of the game have practically not changed compared to the previous versions. Our task is to run a farm, work towards its development, sow fields and harvest crops, and breeding animals. Of course, this is not as easy as it may seem. As in the actual work of a farmer, there may also be situations that do not make our work easier. As in the previous versions, there is also a possibility of a multiplayer game. Through the local network or via the Internet, it can manage the farm simultaneously up to 16 people.

Who can you recommend the game to?

Farming Simulator 15 can be recommended to everyone who wants to see what work looks like. By playing Farming Simulator 15you can gain a lot of agricultural experience and look at this difficult profession a bit differently. The advantage of the game is not only a lot of playing options, but also a very good representation of reality. It is not only about the graphics, which can of course be assessed very well, but also about taking into account the laws of physics. Agricultural tractors driving over rough terrain or uphill do not reach the speed they achieved when driving on flat, level ground. Working in the field or in the forest is always associated with their dirt, improper handling of the equipment, carelessness during work, and may lead to an accident, so everything is a good representation of the actual work of the farmer. It is worth to find out about it, decide to buy this game and check it out for yourself. Explore the world of villages, farms and agricultural machinery.Get Farming Simulator 15 Download and start playing! Game Simulator Farms 15 is a good choice. Finally, it should be added that the recommended hardware requirements are Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, 512 MB graphics card (GeForce 8600 or better), 3 GB HDD, Windows Vista / 7/8

Farming Simulator 15 PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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