Fashion sandals 2023 that fit thick ankles and calves: choose Heidi Klum shoes, others should be avoided

Fashion sandals 2023, like Heidi Klum

Fashionable sandals of 2023 like Heidi Klum – from the profile Insyagram heidiklum

Anyone with strong legs with not-so-thin calves and ankles knows full well to pay attention to the shoes they wear. In fact, some models tend to thicken more and make the leg not very slim. This speech is valid for sneakers and boots as well as sandals. In fact, there are models that are slimmer, unlike others that risk visually increasing the ankle and calf. After studying fashion models, let’s see which ones should be preferred and which should not.

In the summer, when temperatures rise, it’s natural to open up by focusing on lighter clothing. As for the feet, the sandals are once again the protagonists, finally able to free them from the grip of the shoes. However let your feet breathe it makes us feel better, especially when the temperature inside the upper gets high and leads to more sweating. Another aspect to consider is the fact that I sandals They merried with a variety of summer looksincluding wedding dresses, and represent a real must. Yet for many women wear them becomes source doubt and insecurityWhy When you have legs big it may seem that they are emphasized more. In fact, this is not so, it is enough to choose models that do not go to the detriment of strong calves and ankles.

Models to avoid because they can shorten and thicken the legs

To find sandals that suit us, we will definitely look among the trends. Before we understand what the perfect 2023 fashion sandals will help simplify ankles and big calves, we need to know which ones to avoid. The first model that was able to emphasize the thickness of our hips was the model V slave, that is, one that consists of many threads that need to be tied to the calf. In fact, she will tend to pull her up and accentuate her roundness as well as shorten her. Equally, most plaid sandals, which consist of many stripes along the arch of the foot to the ankle. The buckle that needs to be tied tends to accentuate thin ankles, but adds a bit of weight to slimmer ones.

The so-called crab sandals. The latter have a lace just below the ankle and therefore visually break the part between the foot and the calf, making it less slender. Also, the frequent presence of double strings and plastic wedges are heavy and can create an overall overly full and cubic effect.

Fashionable 2023 sandals with tight ankles and large calves are the same ones worn by Heidi Klum in Cannes.

After seeing which sandals may not suit us, let’s move on to those able to swing and make your calves and ankles appear slimmer. Ideal I those what a supermodel Heidi Klum It has coincided to its volume suit green a Cannes, seen in photographs taken in the company of her husband Tom Kaulitz, guitarist for Tokyo Hotel. Klum’s sandals were model without fastenersthat is completely openthey submitted one thin tape below the toes. They were silver and ended in a small front end. Type of sandal that does not emphasize ankles AND calvesquicker trying to stretch them it’s in make them look slimmer. effect due to flaw From Cable ties that surround ankle as well as too many details. The foot, ankle and calf appear to be continuous and therefore slender. The result that is achieved Also with me models flatthat is, those deprive From heel.

Sandals without laces are a real trend this summer, and this will allow us to choose between different models. We could choose For those equipped with two stripes on the body of the footand also for those with single stripe plus double. The latter can be made of raffia, lace or fabric. Slip-ons with braid are no less fashionable. in the skinA a real need to be combined with any image. To make slipping on the model even more comfortable, we could try anti-slip solutions. Finally, those minimal flip flopsnow also abandoned chic forms and heels, fall into open and ideals on a sprained ankle.

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