Fashion shines in the lagoon

Not only the image that we see on the red carpet of the upcoming premieres. This year’s 80th Venice Film Festival complemented by a small fashion calendar, which presents the long-awaited shows Giorgio Armani scheduled tonight and other events indicated by icons such as Diane von Furstenberg or house type miu miu AND pomellatogroup member Kering. And all this despite the fact that there will be fewer Hollywood stars on the ground, many of whom are absent due to strikes of actors. The mobilization of artists in recent weeks has already led to a change in the opening film: Commander From Edward de Angelis replace Applicants From Luca Guadagnino (one of the most successful Italian directors internationally, always with a strong passion for fashion, so strong that it even allowed him to become the star of a campaign for Loweed.) by decision Metro Goldwyn Mayer join the strike.

Presence expected Sofia Coppola AND Woody Allen (triggered by some international controversy, as well as a new film Yorgos Lanthimosthe arrival of the Lido stars has come Emma Stone, Jessica Chastain AND Adam Driver. And then a ninety-year-old girl Liliana Cavanimoden director who will recall Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. Recognition that will also be given to the Hong Kong actor. Tony Leung and who out of competition will star in his new movie Order of time. Armani has always had a strong connection with the world of cinema (his costumes are unforgettable Richard Gere V american gigolo) and has been a sponsor of the film festival together with Armani Beauty for 6 years. To pay tribute to the city, photos taken by Giorgio Armani are scrolled these days on Giorgio Armani’s Instagram profile. Brett Lloyd which are immortalized in black and white models and models on the piers or streets of Svetlaya. And the echo of the festive evening for me has not subsided yet Diane von Furstenberg awards, awards given to outstanding women who improve the lives of other women. The most anticipated person on this occasion is undoubtedly Amal Clooney, Awarded for her work advocating for victims of human rights abuses around the world, accompanied by her husband George Clooney. pomellatotogether with Venetian Heritage Foundationguided by a cultural vision Toto Bergamo Rossiopens new façade lighting Giorgio Franchetti Gallery in Ca’ d’oro and hosts an exclusive dinner for the occasion.

Manhole in Fendi (courtesy of Fendi)

In the spotlight tonightAmfar-gala at Misericordia, one of the most glamorous events featuring celebrities from all over the world. The event will include special performances by world famous singers and songwriters. Rita now AND Leon Lewis and a live auction of contemporary art and unique experiences. The partner of the event is Chopard as the main sponsor. Also tonight, on the occasion of Authors’ Days, the brand miu miu premiere of the last short film in the series Miu Miu Women’s Tales, Stay awaydirector Croatian director Antoneta Alamat Kusyanovich. On this special occasion, the brand is announcing a new exclusive project, the Miu Miu Women’s Fairytale Committee: a group of bright personalities from the world of cinema, from Katherine Martin To Maggie Gyllenhaalwho will guide and accompany the authoritative short film series in its future development and guide its intellectual and cultural course. So far on the red carpet Katerina Murino godmother of the Venice Film Festival 2023, 45 years old, from Cagliari, past from bond girl, confirmed the sober taste and non-standard choice of Italian designers. Even more fashionable edition. For a lion that can roar in style.

Giorgio Armani (Courtesy of Giorgio Armani/Stefano Guindani)

Tonight is a mega fashion show for a designer who has dressed 200 films in 40 years. “I often wondered what my life would be like without cinema. I wouldn’t be the person and designer that I am today.” Rumors about Giorgio Armani land in the lagoon during the most anticipated and exclusive event. Only one night Venice, which will glorify the cinema as a tribute to the city. An evening including a party and an Armani/privé haute couture show will take place on Saturday 2 September in the enchanting setting of the Arsenal. Over the years, the designer has created costumes for the main characters of more than 200 films, from Kevin Costner AND Robert DeNiro V Untouchables From Brian DePalma 87 a Christian Bale he is Bruce Wayne in a blockbuster Batman From Christopher Nolan. Not forgetting from Sean Connery V Rising Sun AND Bruce Willis no one The color of nightTo Al Pacino V Competition AND Sylvester Stallone V Specialist. Or Brad Pitt V Inglourious Basterds From Quentin Tarantinoand Liv Tyler AND Jeremy Irons V i dance alone From Bernardo Bertolucci. The connection between Giorgio Armani and Venice began in 1990, the year of the world premiere of the documentary. Made in Milan director Martin Scorsese and about the big reception that the designer gave in honor of the director in Ca Leon on Giudecca. The evening of September 2nd also marks a new stage in the One Night Only series, which has touched some of the most important cities in the world: London in 2006, Tokyo in 2007, Beijing in 2012, Rome and New York in 2013, Paris . in 2014 and in Dubai in 2021. With One Night only, the partnership with Armani Beauty is also renewed as the main sponsor of the festival: for the sixth year in a row, the company will provide official make-up services to guests. Yesterday in Peggy Guggenheim MuseumArmani organized a party with very sophisticated invitations. Obviously there is no space here to mention all the titles. But, hopefully, at the next exhibition, perhaps inArmani/silos. (All rights reserved)

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