Fashion Trend 2023: Mermaids

Live-action remake of the famous cartoon the little MermaidDesigned by Disney, 2023 also brought a wave of seaside freshness in the dedicated fashion collections, shaping and materializing the silhouettes of the most disturbing mythical creatures. The seductive and menacing sirens, dual in appearance and nature, like Homer’s Odyssey, ride the wave of current trends and sing of their ancient connection with the world of fashion.

From the high seas to the most sophisticated atelier, sirens have always inspired the artistic imagination with a surreal thread. Capable of portraying parallel worlds, the queen of fashion, Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the first figures to turn to bizarre imagery for her couture creations. the famous one is obvious lobster costume 1937 Organza, conceived in collaboration with Salvador Dali, brought to New York’s Universal Exposition two years later dream of venus, a funhouse pavilion filled with dream-like installations including tanks, fish and floating algae. However, the traditional mermaid dress has its roots in the late 19th century, precisely in 1877, a moment of transition in which fashion was redefining its silhouette. Around that time, magazines began promoting dresses with flared hips that indicated a marked waist and fishtails. It was only in the 1930s that designer Marcel Rochas popularized the mermaid dress on the haute couture runways with a spectacular performance. mermaid dress Worn by supermodel Lisa Fonsgreaves-Penn in the 1950s.

Model Adriana Carembeau presents La Chimère ensemble, a long-sleeved sheath dress with clear corset of scales, made of feathers and horse hair with Swarovski crystals, created in collaboration with Jean-Jacques Urkun and Mister Pearl known as the La Chimère collection, Muglers Couture and Ready To.  Wear lines were presented together in a single runway show photo by Giovanni Giannipenske Media via Getty Images

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With a huge leap – or fall – into the postmodern era, among the first designers to deliberately draw inspiration from sirens was Yves Saint Laurent, a sophisticated visionary in keeping with contemporary femininity, who in 1983 created the iconic sardine dress in collaboration with Maison Lesage, The texture of its shiny scales is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail. However, over the next decade, the fashion scene focused on the explosive creativity of Thierry Mugler, who created one of the most expensive haute couture dresses in the history of fashion for Fall Winter 1997/1998. la chimere It represented a winged mermaid with hand-painted scales in all the colors of the rainbow, wearing a sheath dress adorned with feathers, crystals and horse hair. Alexander McQueen also dedicated his art to sirens in his latest Spring Summer 2010 collection Plato’s AtlantisAlong with her famous mini-dresses shaped by a glamorous and futuristic persona, Iris Van Herpen experiments with spring summer 2020 sensory ocean He managed to touch the deepest point of the ocean with one finger.

Qin Tian walks the runway during the Iris Van Herpen Haute Couture SpringSummer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France on January 20, 2020. Photo by Peter WhiteGetty Images

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Dedicated collections for the summer of 2023 bring this trend back into fashion mermaidcore – It was aptly named TikTok – a donning of different versions of the fashion world’s most favorite aquatic creatures. There are cyberpunk sirens with armored and post-apocalyptic looks for Balmain’s Spring Summer 2023, but there’s also Y2K from Blumarine, with long, tight-fitting denim dresses, fabric fringes that are reminiscent of the slender fins of fish and shell-shaped bikinis. Let’s get it , Moschino, on its part, is certainly not falling short: Its sirens are irreverent and pop, and inflatable accessories wear long dresses with cut-outs and fluffy tulle tails. Zuhair Murad’s sirens, on the other hand, are glitzy and sophisticated, dominating the summer catwalks with crystal-encrusted carriages and slip dresses in rainbow hues. Instead, there is a mermaid out of the water on the Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2023/2024 catwalk, hewing closer to the leitmotif of the year with a top with three-dimensional textures that refer to the scaly skin of mythical monsters.

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It didn’t take long for the trend to hit the web as well, taking young fashion and beauty lovers by surprise. Featuring Ariel as Halle Bailey in the highly anticipated live-action remake the little MermaidThe next film on the story of the iconic Mattel doll set to inspire the web community also stars Dua Lipa as “Barbie the Little Mermaid”. No wonder the pop star recently collaborated with Versace for a four-handed collection Holiday, Revisiting some of the iconic motifs of the Medusa brand, including the nautical. Among other inspirations in the world of celebrities, Julia Garner showed up at the SAG Awards in a stunning Gucci dress with shell cups and a metallic mesh top, while Naomi Campbell chose a Schiaparelli creation with glittery pendants reminiscent of fish scales . vanity fair oscar party,


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