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Fashionable cosmetic surgery thanks to J.Lo and Kim Kardashian

Currently, the most recurrent plastic surgeries are “those of gluteos, thanks to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian that made them fashionable, “says Dr. Tania Medina.

“Before, about 10 or 15 years ago, the most requested were breasts, thanks to Pamela Anderson; everyone wanted to be Pamela, now they want to be Jlo,” adds the doctor, who shares that her taste for plastic surgery came in adolescence.

“When I was 16, well since I was a teenager I didn’t have any breasts; that’s why at the age of 16 I decided, and I said to my mom: ‘look I want some breasts, an implant because I don’t feel well’.

“And she said, “No, we’re going to wait until you come of age, and at 18 she gave me the implants.. Before, I was an introverted girl, I dressed like a boy, I didn’t socialize and when I saw myself in the mirror with the implants, the first day, it was spectacular. I felt different, I changed all my clothes, I felt more outgoing, I could talk to people, I felt good in my own skin; and at that moment I decided that I wanted to help other people to live that same emotion that I had, that’s why I studied Plastic Surgery”.


Although the Dominican specialist, who was in Mexico, to participate in a meeting of 40 health leaders, whose message was Cwhen we learn to fall in love with ourselves, the magic begins”; he stressed that the success of a plastic surgery entails many points.

“Many people separate what is the inner beauty from the outer, and we are holistic beings, we are a whole and then we must have an integral beauty. At the beginning of my career I saw many beautiful women, who were not happy, and that something that did not allow them to be happy, was that they did not work inside.

That is why all my patients before performing plastic surgery, we attend them with my multidisciplinary team, composed of psychologists and psychiatrists, who support us in the part of self-esteem. And first we work that part and then we go with the plastic surgery, “explains the doctor.

Self-esteem has many nuances; among them, the self-concept, which is what I think of myself; self-efficacy, which is whether I trust myself or not; self-gratification, which is to applaud my successes; and apart from this the self-image, there I enter, as plastic surgery, as a tool that we can use so that we like how we look.

But if we do not work all the pillars of self-esteem, even though we have successful plastic surgeries, from the medical point of view, the patient will not feel well, “he explains.

Dr. Tania Medina | Photo: Special

He adds: “The important thing when having surgery is assume it’s an action for you, because you want to see and feel better and not because your husband just left you or because you want to take revenge on someone.”

In this sense, he emphasizes that plastic surgery, a task he carries out in his native Dominican Republic, becomes “in a help, a tool to like your self-image“.


Once the surgery has been done, the doctor comments on how important it is to assume that you must have a change in lifestyle, so that the desired effect prevails.

“Plastic surgery is not the solution to the problem, plastic surgery is a tool to get faster to where you want to be; so, if you don’t change those habits that led you to be the way you didn’t want to be, we’re not going to be able to do anything, because in a year or two you’re going to be the same.

To all my patients I tell them that they have to exercise, a change of lifestyle, that’s why we support them in the emotional part with a multidisciplinary team, so that they can understand all the change that is coming, because it is a process, and it is not a day, it takes a long time”.


When talking about the possible risks that are run in plastic surgery, Measure is very precise: “Risks? Yes there is. And they are 3 to 10% everywhere in the world, ranging from complications, to bruises, infections, thrombosis and even death. That is why it is very important that you know that they exist and if you are not willing to face these complications, the best thing is that you do not have that plastic surgery”.

Aunqeu acknowledges that the doctor’s experience helps, he also warns that “there are things that you don’t even know about your own organism.; for example, people who have a hidden disease and go out in surgery, such as diabetes, can then increase the risks.”

Hence for the specialist “it is important that, in order to perform any procedure, any change in your life, you first know and accept who you are, and from there make a plan, and above all that you are not so yourself, because no one is perfect, we all have virtues and defects and that is what makes us unique.


According to her experience, Medina assures that “women are still the ones who resort most to plastic surgery, as there is a record of 95% for only 5% of men” who request your services.

While talking about what are the most requested surgeries, he commented: “My specialty is body, I do breast surgeries, liposuction and buttocks, but without a doubt the buttocks are the most requested“.


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