FAST CROSS 2023 – A week later…

Posted on Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 4:02 pm.

Just a week ago and I already miss him/want to see him again next year, it seemed like a dream but it was ALL REAL!!!
Fast Cross is back and gave a sea of ​​EMOTIONS!!!

Writing an article a week later has a reason, like all things or events in this case, they need to be assessed with a sober mind and not get too carried away by the emotions of the moment, but also because, as you know, MxBars has a forum where people leave their comments, we wanted to understand well from there and from all social networks what people think, and express their thoughts……
We don’t want to make an ass-kissing article, as we’ve already read, it’s not so much about the event itself, but about defending with a drawn sword from ghostly haters who throw out bad thoughts, well, I have to say that from all the people I’ve heard about Quick Cross and who was present, I heard only positive reviews, of course there were comparisons, but it’s like comparing Monica Bellucci with Bianca Balti, these are two great women, but they are different in era and style, so it’s useless to compare Quick Cross Saporiti and Quick Cross Tognella, was and remains a PHENOMENAL EVENT and THANK YOU Fabio he is back to entertain many enthusiasts and remember the emotions he gave, I must say. hanging out in the paddock with historical friends and taking pictures, signing autographs, exchanging words with the “old” glories of that time with those who were passionate about the sport called motocross, a sport that unites, a sport that has something special called FEELING. !

But essentially we can only say one thing… the most correct thing is what I said as soon as I tried everything…

I wanted to live and let my 8 year old son live this experience, looking at the NEW formula, the one that Fabio followed, and he is the first to say that this is not the Quick Cross of the past and does not even want to be, this is the beginning, the restoration of the territory in Arsago Seprio , and for this reason alone it is a success, whoever is there knows what I’m talking about!
So, back at our place, I took a good look at my son and the adrenaline that was in him, I saw him getting his racing suit signed by Ricky Johnson and Alex Puzar or taking a photo with Trampas Parker just because I told him that it is them. were legends, but I saw him enjoy the challenge, climbing the netting that bordered the track, I saw him go back and forth to enjoy the 1v1 duels and not miss a single piece of the track (which between the others was busy like a maniac and IDEAL for placing new bikes), celebrating because the rider he had chosen as his favorite had won, and then I saw him delirious as the evening came to an end with heats and finals….I saw the advancement of the new generation and thanks to Fabio they will be able relive exciting moments like we lived since my father took me with him, or I later went with friends to celebrate…
But the best thing was to hear this on the way back… “Dad, I want to come back next year!”

And that’s all… Fast Cross is back and all we can say is thank you to Fabio for the great job he has done, we have a spectacular event in Italy, an event for all the fans, for those who commented poorly on it. ….even if I have to say that I read a few and nothing special, I will say that you had to go there and see with your own eyes, maybe come next year! 🙂


PS: I have to add something… but after thinking about it, I have to say that Fabio is just crazy… I can’t even say some things, but believe me, he tried to make everyone really happy, including the people who came out of the gate… was all very nice! It was more beautiful than GP and I haven’t seen such a fun and exciting event in a long time, BRAVO FABIO!!!


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