Fast X gets James Bond opening credits (with Vin Diesel singing) in a slick fan video.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Fast X. In a fan-made video, Vin Diesel sings the James Bond theme song over the end credits of Fast X. The film, which marks the end of Fast & Furious, sees Diesel return to Dom. Toretto and his family encounter Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes, the son of Fast Five main villain Hernan Reyes. The film also features an action-packed credits sequence similar to the opening of a James Bond film.

The video featured Diesel singing “Days Are Gone”, an original song by the actor. The song ties in well with the sequence, turning it into a fun yet stylish opening theme for Fast X.

Fast X ends with several characters whose fates are unknown, including the plane carrying Roman, Tez, Han, and Ramsey being shot down. Eventually, Dom’s brother Jacob Toretto sacrifices himself to save Dom’s son, Brian. The end credits scene of Fast X reveals the return of Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs, with Dante choosing him as his next target. This scene would lead to a Hobbes-centric film that would bridge the gap between Fast X and Fast 11.

While a release date for the Hobbs film has yet to be clarified, Diesel has confirmed an April 4, 2025 release date for Fast 11. Since the Hobbs film will take place before the events of Fast 11, it is likely that the film with Johnson will be released before April 2025. Diesel also stated that Fast 12 is in development to serve as a three-part finale, although it is not yet clear if this is Universal’s intended plan.

With the Fast & Furious epic possibly expanding into four films, Fast X could be the beginning of the end for a long run for Dom and his family. While it’s unclear how the conflict between Dom and Dante will end, it looks like it will be the biggest fight ever in the Fast & Furious saga. FAST X marks the beginning of the end of the FAST saga and the beginning of a new era of Fast & Furious movies.

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