Favino, it’s absurd to admit that foreign actors are playing the Ferrari.

VENICE, September 2 – Pierfrancesco Favino is gone, and he blurted out, asking everyone to contribute, “to create a system.” His battle is about how foreign cinema looks at Italy in terms of stereotypes, it’s a very old story of pizza and mandolin and interpretation. “Gucci had a New Jersey accent, didn’t you know?” he sneers, quoting Ridley Scott’s Gucci production house on the sidelines of a meeting dedicated to Stefano Sollima’s Adagio. And now Michael Mann’s Ferrari will appear with Adam Driver as Drake. “There is a theme of cultural appropriation, it’s not clear why not me, but actors of this level,” he says, referring to his co-stars Toni Servillo, Adriano Giannini, Valerio Mastandrea, “are not involved in this kind of films, which are instead entrusted to foreign actors far from real-life storytellers, starting with an exotic accent. If a Cuban can’t make a Mexican, why can an American make an Italian? Only here. In other eras at a Ferrari, Gassman would do it, today Driver does it, and no one says anything. It seems to me that this is a contemptuous attitude towards the Italian system: if these are general laws, then we participate in them.”

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