Fear of bird flu spreading among sea lions: they close an area in Puerto Mar del Plata due to new cases

Check out sea lions in Miramar
Check out sea lions in Miramar

concern Mass die-off of sea lionss across the country increases over time, and the sum of the results Avian influenza positive.It just so happens that in the past few hours, the National Service for Agricultural Food Hygiene and Quality detected New cases – Buenos Aires and Chubut – and confirm that they have Five Argentinian provinces are affected by the disease. In conversation database, from senassa They pointed out that this was a outbreak They acknowledged that reports of suspected infected animals had multiplied.

southern town Port Pyramid and mar del plata These are the regions that have been added to the list of mammals detected with H5 influenza. In the latter, local authorities implemented a series of measures to prevent possible infection. between these, Close to the lobby pedestrian area on the south breakwater of the portthe largest colony of this species is located in the aforementioned hot spring city.

The cases were part of the first discovered days ago when dead sea lions suddenly appeared on different coasts, sparking alarm and leading to tests and necropsies to determine the cause of their deaths.They are registered in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego; Punta Bermeja, Rio Negro; Necochea, Buenos Aires; and Puerto de Loyola, Santa Cruz.

One-haired sea lion, a species affected by avian influenza in Argentina.Photo courtesy of Tierra del Fuego Tourism Institute
One-haired sea lion, a species affected by avian influenza in Argentina.Photo courtesy of Tierra del Fuego Tourism Institute

In this sense, the national health agency confirmed to this media outlet that there is respiratory illness outbreak and observed cases beyond expectation. “We received approx. 10 notifications per day About species found to be lifeless. Before we had almost none. Maybe some very sporadic animals arrived in the fauna,” said Senasa veterinarian Paola Amiotti, who works in the area of ​​animal health at the Buenos Aires Regional Center.

Despite the number of reported sea lion deaths, epidemiologists stress that it is not a serious problem at this time. “The situation is extremely serious.” Likewise, they stress that the likelihood of avian influenza being transmitted to humans is low, as it only occurs If in direct contact with infected carcasses or handling sick animals.

“OK Deaths are higher than average for this time of year and the population is also more susceptible due to the spread of the virus And some worrying news, which is why they are more attentive and informed; something they usually don’t even do. Apart from these cases, almost no one pays attention to the dead wildlife on the beaches,” he assured the outlet.

Dead sea lions in Necochea
Dead sea lions in Necochea

Amioti added: “What we are experiencing is Bird flu outbreak in sea lions. When sea lions with symptoms consistent with this influenza are detected, fences are set up to keep the sea lions away and monitored. Some returned to the water after a few days as they survived, while others died. When this happens, it is recommended to bury them in the same place or as close together as possible, always behind the high tide line. “We covered it with quicklime and then covered them.”

Results from samples of sea lions found in recent days off the coast of Mar del Plata and Chubut show that the latest confirmed positive cases indicate a growing avian influenza epidemic in the country.In response, Senasa issued a statement saying that it was recently discovered in marine mammals “Does not affect self-declared animal health status” Argentina has been confirmed by the World Organization for Animal Health (WHO) as a country free of highly pathogenic avian influenza in poultry.

Likewise, the organization assures that “it continues to maintain a state of alert in cooperation with different regions and national, provincial and municipal organizations and production authorities, taking into account the behavior of the disease and its spread and spread.”

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