Fear of similar situation in Necochea: SENASA confirms bird flu in Rionegro sea lions

Last week, the National Agricultural Products Health and Quality Service (Senasa) reported a new case of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 in marine mammals, the first in the province of Rio Negro.

The Senasa National Laboratory tested positive on a hair sample from a sea lion (Otaria flavescens) found in the Punta Bermeja “La Lobería” nature reserve and found it dead.

In this case, two cases have been identified. To date, three notifications of sea lions have been processed: the first two were negative and the last occurred in the Rio Grande, Fuego province, Antarctica and the South Atlantic islands, the first for this species in the country. positive events..

“The discovery, made in Rionegro, 1,500 kilometers from the first marine mammal outbreak, was made within the framework of the surveillance operations and measures carried out nationwide to prevent the disease after the declaration of the state of emergency .The health agency reports, “HPAI – Senasa Resolution No. 147/2023”.


Likewise, Senasa reminds producers, institutions and the public that they must be notified if high mortality, neurological, digestive and/or respiratory symptoms in susceptible species are found in wild birds or in commercial or backyard poultry.

Also remember not to go to poultry farms after exposure to dead or symptomatic animals.

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