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CD. Mexico, October 21, 2023.– Anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, and physical ailments such as gastritis and fibromyalgia may be related to the violence documented in some records

Mexicans are constantly wary of violence and the possibility of becoming a victim, causing them to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, and physical ailments such as gastritis and fibromyalgia.

This is warned by neuropsychoanalyst Ingela Camba Ludlow, who took part in a discussion at Intercontinental University on “Traumatic experiences of crime related to organized crime”.

“This is a serious problem. The World Health Organization talks about the worst impacts of living in a violent world, and that’s what we experience every day. Yes, this will make us very resilient and we will have a lot of Big forces continue to move forward, but that doesn’t mean it harms our way of life,” he said.

Kamba Ludlow said that while perceptions normalize violence in the country, the vulnerability people face impacts their day-to-day decisions.

“It’s the axis of how you organize your life. I don’t go out at night, I don’t go out in the morning, who do I go out with, don’t stop sending me your location. “These are things that we’ve normalized, but they’ve always been exist,” he lamented.

Dr. Roberto Vargas Arreola, who also attended, reported from clinical experience with adolescents who had conflicts with authority that most criminals came from “broken homes.”

“Looking back at the history of these individuals, in some ways their home environment was unsympathetic to their basic emotional needs. In some ways, this lack of empathy for others is a reflection of unvalidated emotional experience,” he explained.

The situation of children “adopted by organized crime” was also noted. Ingra Kamba Ludlow points out that they were children who came from isolation and had no life options and deceived their way into “criminal families”.

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