Fear the ‘bug’ Covid-19, but don’t stop: Sweepers



In every crisis there are heroes, the most anonymous. Despite the pandemic of Covid-19, in Mexico the workers are and will continue its work. Populate the streets almost deserted. Some with fear and resignation, other unbelievers. But all will do their duty.

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Among those brave unknown is the personal service clean. Aware that their work is indispensable in the front line against the new strain of coronavirus. One of them says that if they fail to do so, Mexico City would collapse.

Sector workers, assigned to the mayor’s office Azcapotzalco claim to Notimex that if they stop their work, the pandemic is going to spread throughout the mexican capital.

Since the median of the Axis 3 Northern Shrimp admit that they are afraid of catching the “bug”, but if they stop the “city fall”, by the tremendous amount of litter cast by the inhabitants, either by walking or from their cars, in addition to feces that pet owners do not collect the green areas.

Their implements of battle they are complete: gloves, uniforms, boots, brooms, transiconos, bags to deposit the trash, shovels, chainsaws, wheelbarrows, necessary to present fights to the ground.

While, in the hallways semi-empty Metro, maintenance personnel also have fear, you note the slight expressions that they do not control. Support the capsize but “no other”.

What if we don’t go out to seek the sustenance of who is going to give us to eat? we go to the day, even though we may be afraid, who will lead us to the upkeep of the house?” says an employee of around 50 years in the Sports station, March 18, Subway Line 3.

And he emphasizes, “if we don’t do our job, people are going to continue going on, but now on the dirty”.

Meanwhile, at the station Met a young man of 35 years account that sweeps the corridors, because the two other “jobs” that he had, at organization shows, and as a dealer, were closed by the health crisis.

Both are still in their bustling daily, they have not said if it will stop working when the authorities increase the contingency to phase 3.

In contrast, there are some of them that do not believe in the reality of the virus. Such is the case of an officer (of 25 years) of the Police Public Transportation, interviewed in the hallways of the station Zócalo, Line 2 Subway.

How if you went down the gas is that there is a new virus? First, they say yes and in the very hour that do not”, she questioned after blowing whistle for advance users; it shares to Notimex that came to the corporation almost three years ago.

He noted that he will continue taking care of the people in spite of everything, although it does protect your health with preventive measures: application of hand sanitizers every 15 minutes, but refuses to use the face mask, because it complicates use of the whistle, in addition to “nothing,” he adds.

To ras asphalt, ruleteros of a site of taxis in University avenue, almost junction with Río Churubusco, on the outskirts of a shopping plaza in the town hall of Coyoacan say it bluntly: they are afraid of getting out of “chambear”.

Yes it gives us fear, but we also have hunger and need”, trust a worker of the steering wheel, to whom the day has been painted badly, with a few trips, and you still do not know how will make you to pay the car payments that are still due to the agency.

What if we don’t work who gives us to eat?”, emphasizes one of his companions, and says not a word more.


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