Features the Latest Apple Watch the blood can Detect oxygen levels


Suara.com – Features of the new Apple Watch is supposed to be able to measure the concentrations of oxygen in the blood. Reports from 9to5Mac, Apple is likely to develop two health offers its new smartwatch.

However, it is still unclear whether this is limited to the Apple Watch called the next generation or also to existing models by a software update -.

Supposedly Apple is with the design of the announcement of the new health, which is void if the watch detects blood-oxygen levels to the user with a threshold erased below alarming. This is the same function with alert function, irregular heart beat on the Apple Watch.

If the oxygen saturation of the blood, you pass the normal limits, it can breath cause discomfort and eventually cause cardiac arrest.

Apple continues to position the Apple Watch as something more than an Instrument of health.The will be in addition to the determination of the oxygen content in the blood as a useful and complementary to the other functions.

Brand Fitbit and Withings have for the first time, the feature detection of blood oxygen saturation on the smart watch.

Functions detection of blood oxygen saturation, relying on a series of sensor red and infrared light, and blood-oxygen levels.

So, the possibility of new features from Apple will be available exclusively for watch series 6. Although according to 9to5Mac, it is likely to be the model of the Apple Watch, the new with more 7 come.

Apple has also allegedly has sleep tracking for the Apple Watch. The new feature, the first detailed last year, the oversight of the quality of sleep of the user via various sensors and input, as your movement in the night, heartbeat, sound, and other.