February 2020 Was shipping Smartphone the Lowest in the history of the


Suara.com – The outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19) apply to all aspects of life, including the telecommunications industry, in particular, the smartphone shipments. Where February 2020 with the delivery of the smartphone prices in the world in the story.

The smartphone shipments worldwide in February, and then deteriorated markedly, by 38 percent. Reported by page Strategy Analytics about Phonearena this was the biggest year in the history of the smartphone market in the whole world.

The number of shipments of smartphones shipped worldwide in the last month of the 61.8 million units fell from 99.2 million euros in the same period, compared to the same month of the previous year.

Successively, at the mercy of 61.8 million mobile phones, in February, a decline of 39 percent of the total in January.

Corona Virus is forcing manufacturers in China to shut down the assembly line and a retail store in the smartphone market is the largest in the world.

According to Neil Mawston, Executive Director of Strategy Analytics, February, by 2020, the largest drop in the history of smartphones in the whole world.

“The supply and demand of Smartphones in China, broke in the whole of Asia and a slowdown in the world. This is the time to be forgotten by the smartphone industry,” said Neil Mawston.

In February, Samsung is a leader in the shipment and global smartphone sales. In the same month, Samsung released the Galaxy S20, and the recently released Galaxy Z-folding, can be folded.

Illustration of a smartphone. [Shutterstock]
Illustration of a smartphone. [Shutterstock]

Follow Samsung, both in delivery and sales, followed by Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.

Senior analyst at strategy Analytics, said that while there are signs of recovery in China, but it is estimated that the global smartphone will remain shipments weak in March 2020.

The biggest fear is the corona-virus has blocked Europe, North America and other places, and hundreds of millions of other consumers are not shopping for a new device.