Federica Pellegrini is preparing for childbirth and a clue about the name of her daughter appears

Federico Pellegrini she can’t wait to pick up her little girl. Deity expecting her first daughter who should be born between December and January. During this period, the former swimmer struggles with the baby, as evidenced by some stories on social networks. In Instagram sharing you see husband Matteo Giunta she held a pink jumpsuit on her chest; in another, the athlete demonstrated cosmetics for pregnant women.

What is the name of Federica Pellegrini’s daughter?

Federica Pellegrini has not yet announced what will be the name of the daughter but according to some fans, the clue to the name will be in the last dedication Matteo Giunta got married a year ago in Venice.. During the draw, the former competitor of the Beijing Express spoke about “Meringue is Coming”using a capital M. For many, the name of the unborn child could begin with this letter, even if the expectant mother has not yet chosen to either confirm or deny.

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