“Fedez is better, but leave me alone”

What a difficult time they are going through Ferranier. Fedez AND I’ve been in the hospital for a week now due to two ulcers for which he had to undergo two surgeries, as well as several blood transfusions. After days of silence this morning Chiara Ferragni He wanted to use the social message to thank his fans for the many messages of love he received. Intercepted by journalists outside the hospital, the influential man responded as follows: husband’s condition:”How’s Fedez? Better, but leave me alone”– Ferragni said, hiding behind her dark glasses.

Little Leone also visits his father

Moreover, the firstborn a lion Lucia Ferragni went with her mother to Fatebenefratelli for the first time to visit her father. Also present were the rapper’s parents, Franco Lucia and Annamaria Berrinzaghi.

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