Fedez talks about the third season of the series

Ferganez 2 Most viewed title on Prime Video and most talked about on the net, A goal that is not surprising given the media power of its two protagonists, who have been able to build consensus, grab headlines and generate publicity with a single post. How can you forget that marriage Chiara Ferragni and Fedez The “media value” in terms of “traffic” and economic value was at least double that of the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated a few months earlier, celebrated on 1 September 2018. Ferragnez is a success and fans are clamoring for a third installment, Fedez responded to the curiosity directly on Instagram.

Mornings are gold in the mouth and honesty too, at least for Fedez who, after a gap of months, has returned to the good habit of live morning IG broadcasts in which he answers followers’ questions without any filters. In recent days, the rapper has decided to break his silence on the Luis Sal affair by promising clarity as soon as possible, however, detailing the new collaboration with Article 31 and Annalisa for the song “Disco Paradise”. After doing, he replied to a Questions about The Ferragnez Season 3, This? “I think so,” said the 33-year-old Opens the possibility of a third chapter of the series that tells the background and stories of one of the most talked about Italian couples and behind the scenes of what we see on the reels.

in a mood of trust Fedez again confirms his appearance on The X Factoras well as dedicating a large bracket wild moss, Federico admitted that he had invited Maria De Filippi as a guest of the podcast, who accepted with the condition that she should be in Rome at that time. Unfortunately the interview was abandoned due to logistic reasons but it is said that it will not be rescheduled. Another conversation that hasn’t been completed is with Rocco Siffredi: the adult film actor would have asked for a fee for the chat, which is not in the format. Dreaming of the next episode? «At Muschio Selvaggio I would like to interview Blink 182 and Ligabue. I’ve been working on getting Harry Styles in the studio for a year now. I can do it!”

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